working well in a sentence

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“At a certain point we’ll need a full-time team and to raise money,” says Ahlborn, “but right now it’s working well.”

“Premier Jiang has been working well with Ma, and it is quite appropriate for him to launch a reshuffle,” he said.

For now, however, the three-member board is working well and with the public interest at heart.

Kennedy said, “My fastball was working well today.

Lending to small and medium-sized firms and current accounts is not working well for customers, it says.

No, Mr. Premier, the FOIPOP system is not working well.

Normally, state inspectors don’t open up the escalator to check that everything is working well internally.

On Europe he added: “The institutions of the Eurozone are not working well enough for the people of Europe.

So far, the ordinance appears to be working well.

Some analysts would disagree with the working well, given Oracle’s recent quarterly misses.

The mayor and the governor took over some responsibility and are working well with the organizing committee.

The problem was bigger than simple micromanagement-Mehta’s strategy wasn’t working well.

These dialogues should identify what is working well and where there are struggles.

We have to question what “working well” means.

Everything is working well for them at the moment so why not get some cover for when it isn’t.

Here are ten examples of IoT and big data working well together to provide analysis and insight.

Prologue is just the first competition but it is good to see everything is working well.”

The 803B at The National Museum of Computing is now working well enough to run this compiler again.

The saddest part of all of this is that the Affordable Care Act is working, and working well.

This is in contrast to classic harmony lines which, while working well alongside the melody, sound strange by themselves.

We have a recipe that is working well, so don’t mess it up, don’t go doing anything different.