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Use Erasmus in a sentence - Example Sentences for Erasmus


Erasmus once said that length of life has no bearing on a man's happiness, it is how well he lived that counts.

The Erasmus University has a strong focus on research and education in management and economics.

Other prominent members were Louis A. Carl, George Coulson, George "Howard" Davis, Henry Clay Gambrill, Alexander Levy, Erasmus "Ras" Levy, James Wardell, and Wesley Woodward.

Sarah Jane and Toby find Erasmus's machine.

Nowadays in Rotterdam, three famous moments in the life of Erasmus are celebrated annually.

In 1747, he was elected one of the exhibitioners on the foundation of Erasmus Smyth; and in 1749, two years after the regular time, he was admitted to the degree of bachelor of arts.

Erasmus is said to have replied to these critics that the Comma did not occur in any of the Greek manuscripts he could find, but that he would add it to future editions if it appeared in a single Greek manuscript.

As a result of the close association that grew up between the Wedgwood and Darwin families, one of Josiah's daughters later married Erasmus's son Robert.

The village evolved into a city, and started a public school system that competed with Erasmus for its student body.

It is related to the Erasmus School of Economics, of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Favoring moral reforms and de-emphasizing didactic ritual, Erasmus laid the groundwork for Luther. ERASMUS; ANNABELLE; The local herbalist who helps the Player create various herbal remedies.
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