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Use balance beam in a sentence - Example Sentences for balance beam


Find someone who has stood on a balance beam.

bear Get yourself astride the balance beam.

US/UK - Revival A Balance Beam obstacle was used in both US (Season 1 only) and UK revival shows.

The Final Stage in the 2nd Competition involved a long balance beam with cylindrical bumps, over a pool of water.

Following the Beijing test event, Memmel traveled to the Toyota Cup in Toyota City, Japan where she won the gold medal on floor exercise and the silver on balance beam.

At the 2005 European Championships, Ponor again won the gold on the balance beam, easily beating the competition.

After a final balance beam, they jump onto their respective mat to finish the race.

Miller rebounded very impressively by earning silver medals on the vault and the uneven bars, and gold medals on the balance beam and floor exercise.

Tornado Run :Contestants must cross a set of three balance beams, each only 7 inches wide, while a wind machine blows at miles per hour (0 km/h) against them in an attempt to throw them off balance.
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The word balance beam

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