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Use enormous number in a sentence - Example Sentences for enormous number


The enormous number of photos which have been beamed back from the moon have permitted scientists to map its surface.

The factories in Ybor City and West Tampa made an enormous number of cigars-in the peak year of 1929, over 500,000,000 cigars were hand rolled in the city.

Gurdjieff International Review The book treats of an enormous number of subjects and questions.

Their strength came from the enormous number of well-mixed alphabets that they used and the fairly random way of switching between them.

Roles One of the most versatile as well as the most competent and popular of actors, Palmer played an enormous number of characters, principally at Drury Lane.

Such observations and evidences has motivated and initiated enormous number of different chaos based information manipulation methods.

Wildlife Noddy Terns There are an enormous number of birds on the island.

The fact that this region is a kind of "geographical crossroads" where major changes of climate have occurred through history is a direct reason for the existence of an enormous number of relict and endemic species.

Our mail order catalogue contains around 2600 separate items and would take an enormous number of web pages to upload.

It is one of the highest priced food ingredients because of the enormous number of stigmas needed to make it. For every kilo of Saffron 500,000 stigmas must be picked by hand and dried.

Access to IT is a real lifeline for an enormous number of disabled people and AbilityNet is the only national charity specialising in IT and disability.

I really appreciate it. I receive enormous number of mails.

Studio Editions, a major artwork and children's educational publisher has signed a publishing contract and has pre-sold an enormous number to book clubs and when the television series comes out has a huge commitment with a major American publisher.

Knowledge of the internal working of the machine greatly reduced the range of possible keys consistent with a particular intercepted text, but typically there would still be an enormous number of possible keys left to test.
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The word enormous number

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