home-made in a sentence

A young boy blew his hand off with a home-made bomb yesterday in Nanaimo.

It also found a home-made bomb loaded with five kilograms of explosives.

Troops recovered an unexploded home-made bomb and several firearms at a school.

Let’s not create home-made problems when we need to stabilise the situation, he added.

home-made zutho has a white slurry-like appearance.

The killer decapitates them using a home-made garrote device, the ‘noose-o-matic’, on rainy days.

The second single Kręcimy pornola is about home-made pornography thought as an easy way to make money by anybody who has a camera.

Macaroni bows or home-made thin pasta squares (like tiny mini lasagne ) are boiled in salted water, drained, and mixed with some cooking oil or fat.

Caramelized sweetened condensed milk is a similar preparation used in home-made pastries, often prepared by prolonged heating of unopened cans of condensed milk.

The men were under-trained and half-fit, in primitive clothing and with home-made equipment.

By 1900, at La Paz, a machine was installed to roast and grind coffee, selling it in home-made tins.

Trudi also starts selling her home-made cakes at a local deli where Lucas ( Sean Francis ), the owner, is clearly fond of her.

Bringing back a live one in the rain, she prepares a home-made boiled chicken instead of fried chicken.

The misspelling was introduced by Charles Darrow when his home-made Monopoly board was copied by Parker Brothers.

The dish can be garnished with ḥashū ( Arabic : حشو ) and served hot with daqqūs ( Arabic : دقوس ) – home-made tomato sauce.

Rab, a university acquaintance, introduces her to his friend Terry Lawson and his underground, home-made pornography operation.

The recipe for home-made krafne includes yeast, milk, sugar, flour, salt, butter, eggs, rum, lemon peel, marmalade and powdered sugar.

The Grease Trucks are also notable for offering many types of mostly home-made Mediterranean food, such as gyros, falafel, and hummus, on pita.

A tempting display of home-made cakes helped boost the total raised to £380.
Anglers can try out a rod and reel, and everyone can sample the home-made fudge.
At one end of the town’s main road, a make-shift SNP campaign office in a former shop has the feel of a living room with home-made cupcakes and a vase of flowers.