good friend in a sentence

We are good friends.

They remained good friends.

I have several good friends.

She is a good friend of mine.

I found a good friend in him.

I am good friends with Bill.

His sister and I will be good friends.

We have been good friends for ten years.

His daughter and my son are good friends.

I think of him as one of my good friends.

We have been good friends for a long time.

Make a few good friends and stick to them.

She said that they were good friends of hers.

Make good friends and read good books in youth.

In the company of good friends, the time flew by.

She was formerly married to a good friend of mine.

I’m not seeing Brigitte, she’s merely a good friend.

He and I have been good friends since we were children.

I thought that we would be good friends from the beginning.

We are good friends now, but we didn’t like each other at first.

He is a good friend of mine, very helpful, and always dependable.

They had games, made good friends, and enjoyed themselves very much.

Even good friends should make an effort to keep up their friendship.

He was able to remain good friends with his wife after they divorced.

I cannot understand why they are such good friends they have little in common.

Our good friend and colleague, Henry Thompson, lost his battle against AIDS this past weekend.

Souvanna Phouma, the Premier of Laos, once said, “I am a good friend to Communists abroad, but I do not like them at home.

Sean Casey told the Manchester Evening News: “Paul was a good friend.

Bitter enemies can make good friends after understanding each other.”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is a good friend of Carl Icahn’s.

From her I learned the value of hard work, integrity and good friends.

You have your good friends, but you might not see them for ten years.”

And that’s not disparaging my good friend, who I think is a real talent.

I see my good friend, Senator Gillibrand, in the front row, Clinton said.

“I’d like him to say that Japan and Americans are going to be good friends.

“We have lost not only a great team-mate and collaborator, but a good friend.

Wyatt and Ward’s son were good friends and worked together at a Boy Scout camp.

“We lost a good friend in Alistair Black and I have some very big shoes to fill.”

I hope that this lifts the spirits of my good friend Albert Opdenaker at the DOE.

620507 She was a very good friend who was ready to give everything to other people.

394770 I think you’re being a good friend and a good boyfriend, and I applaud that.

Denmark has hygge, a concept that evokes “coziness when relaxing with good friends.”

“I’m shocked and saddened for my good friend Becky Lockhart and her wonderful family.

Just got word that a good friend of mine is going to have to have open heart surgery.

It’s a complex beer that is meant to be shared, savored and enjoyed with good friends.

But without humor, without relaxation and good friends, her work would be overwhelming.

337012 “I hope in the future she can be my good friend and partner in my nomadic life.”

He’s a good gentleman, a good friend, a good father, a good husband, Petrakopoulos said.

“I started off as his employee and as time has gone on we have become really good friends.

500566 “My son liked to play basketball and he became good friends with his fellow soldiers.

“I had real good friends … Two guys, Freddie and Eddie … they sort of took me under their wings.

But they’re all walking more, love their new homes, and most important, they remain good friends.

They love the Seahawks, good friends, Washington reds and their two cats, Malcolm and Ink Pot Pie.

Lee Broom has created a warm space with the relaxed atmosphere of being in a good friend‘s apartment.

Their good friend Dan Shannon played drums in this new band.

I remember God, and you, Sir, and the Spaniards have a good friend in me.

Middlesex wicket keeper Keith Brown was also a good friend of the Club for many years.

Emerl tells everyone that he was thankful for meeting them and that they were good friends.

Blanchard happened to be a good friend of Roy Heffernan and knew he was working in Stampede Wrestling at the time.

Declan puts together footage of Homer’s friends and family talking about what a good friend, husband and father he is.

Around 1977, he got into BMX racing by competing in a local BMX race where he met fellow racer R.L. Osborn and they became good friends.

” Miley and Lilly at first have a lot of animosity towards Joannie, but eventually Lilly becomes good friends with her and Miley accepts their relationship.

Jackson was a good friend of the Middleton born architect, Edgar Wood and through his influence he became involved in the Arts and Crafts Movement and mural painting.

He and Shuangshuang became good friends over time.

You know, she and I were very good friends a way back.

She is Fuyuki’s good friend, who works as a school nurse.

He gives her various supplies, and becomes a good friend.

Gordy and Bizarre have been good friends since childhood.

Shlok, being the good friend he is, comes to Agra to help Alekh.

She is a good friend to Kitaoji Hanabi, who lives in the Bleumer family palace.

She’s a good friend of Zenmai and they show a mutual affection towards each other.

Thome and Jones would eventually go on to develop a good friendship over the years.

They all become good friends with each other, and share similar desires and ideals.

The King and Halt are good friends, so in Halt’s trial, the King takes pity on Halt.

He remained a good friend of the Stein family long after Stein completed his jail sentence.

See also Ken Westerfield Today * Tom Monroe Kens good friend and occasional freestyle partner.

He is a good friend of Tigger (Debatable if Roo is actually his apprentice), but is quite childish.

In many ways, because she shares so much of his own interests, he seems to view her as a good friend.

Maia develops a crush on both Brooke Freeman ( Beth Allen ) and good friend, Alice Piper ( Toni Potter ).

Mag reveals that she is Shilo’s godmother and that she and Marni were good friends, prior to Marni’s death.

Ash collaborated once again with good friend Amy Madigan to not only co-produce Once Fallen, but to also star.

James is shallow, driven, and sometimes an airhead, but is a good friend and looks out for his fellow bandmates.

Grace is good friends with the Morrisons as well as a mentor and Sunday School teacher for many of the local kids.

Laurion and LaForce were roommates and good friends during the pageant, and had the same directors for their state pageant.

He has become good friends with Ethan since the party for Holly’s daughter Oprah, when Ethan pretended to be someone named Dan Slutski.

good friends with Miyashita Touka, Suema appreciates how she so open and unconditionally accepting of her, and looks out for her friend.

Columbus was a good friend of the pilot, and took him to be treated in his own house, and the pilot described the land they had seen and marked it on a map before dying.

When he gives his good friend and fellow stamp enthusiast, Professor Jim Sterling (Ivan F. Simpson), a message to go to the police, Sterling is killed in a “traffic accident”.

Becomes one of Stella’s good friends at Evergreen.

They become good friends, even after Yukari discovers his secret.

Jamar & Helen Wallace, eds, EEC-EFTA, more than just good friends?

However, Esmeralda dies after thanking him for being a good friend.

Gen is a shipwright and is good friends with the alchemist Kamandol.

Da’an realizes who and what Liam is, and the two become good friends.

Hawke, a good friend of Trueman off the field, was the first to congratulate him.

She and Shou are good friends, stemming from a visit Shou made to America in the past.

She is a good friend of Blackadder ’s and seems to hate Sir Walter Raleigh just like him.

Pardey and Drache were good friends who had similar ideas on how a cardroom should be run.

As Donna, Circe actually became a good friend of Diana and ended up saving her life from Ares.

When a seven-year-old named Ella is brought in Marina instantly becomes good friends with her.

Rad is glad that Red Alert and Hot Shot are good friends again and are working as one team now.

Like his predecessors, West is good friends with the Green Lantern of his time ( Kyle Rayner ).

The running backs and tight ends have my good friend Woodrow McCorvey’s fingerprints all over them.

Scopes Appearances: video game Scopes is a graffiti artist and a good friend of Rembrandt, a Warriors member.

He lives a normal life with his son, Cage ( Drake Bell ), his wife Cora ( Miranda Otto ) and his good friends.

Then, Chelsea goes on to help have Ford Decker arrested for the rape of her two good friends Cordy and Morgan.

Presley was so impressed by Wilson that he made it a point to meet him, and the two instantly became good friends.

They made good friends in particular with Sonic Boom Six and Random Hand with whom they have toured several times.

Lucy’s good friend Bradley Townsend departed to go to Europe with his mother Andrea and her new partner, Jack Lassiter.

Vince Tyler Stuart and Vince have been good friends since they were 14, and Vince seems to be the only friend he trusts.

They were good friends, and one of their games was to see who was taller by measuring each other against the local well.

Affuso is the only member that keeps in contact with all former Skid Row bandmates and is still good friends with them all.

Imai is a very good friend of Chiharu’s and a friendly upbeat person, willing to help his friends should they call upon him.

The crew liked to make fun of their unusually good friendship, and they deliberately displayed intriguing intimacy in public.

Ada (Dinorah Cavazos) is soon a good friend of Camila’s, while Selene (Lourdes Reyes) sees Camila as a rival for Julio’s affection.

He also becomes good friends with Jamie and explained that it was because Jamie reminded him so much of his younger brother, Andre.

PPI’s relationship with Toyota expanded into the open-wheel ranks in 1995, when Wells formed a CART team with good friend Frank Arciero.

Snowe and Lazlo have been good friends since childhood, with Lazlo an adopted brother of sorts.

Angelo becomes good friends with Nicole Franklin ( Tessa James ) and he helps deliver her baby.

Wing Seng has two good friends in junior college: Sham, an Indian, and Audrey, a female friend.