practice on in sentence

They could learn, practice on a daily level, and in a good environment.

Backup Mark Sanchez took all of the first-team reps at practice on Wednesday.

458747 Letang did practice on Monday and could play Tuesday against the Winnipeg Jets.

He will focus his practice on serious personal injury and product liability litigation.

Chancellor was hurt on the penultimate play of the Seahawks’ final full practice on Friday.

The coach held a team meeting before practice on Monday afternoon, as he does every game week.

Gronkowski, who missed practice on Friday because of the death, had five catches for 54 yards.

913231 “We practice on the same field I started my football career on,” Trufant says, grinning.

The 55-year-old dentist will return to his Bloomington, Minnesota, practice on Tuesday, he said.

DT Demarcus Dobbs (shoulder) was limited in practice on Wednesday after missing last week’s game.

The NSA is still collecting the records, even though Mr. Obama could stop the practice on his own.

104486 Below are a few of the habits these realistically positive people practice on a daily basis.

’ But he said there is no set rule that if you don’t practice on those days you can’t play on Sunday.

Saraiden Sapw established the customary first fruits practice on Pohnpei.

In 2007 Ford injured his left Achilles’ tendon in practice on August 13, 2007 and was placed on injured reserve a week later.

These glorified practice rounds allow the player to practice on any race course without any truly negative consequences.

There may be no batting or bowling practice on the pitch except before the day’s play starts and after the day’s play has ended.

Beckham said after practice on Wednesday that he plans to appeal the $8,681 fine.
• A student who had never performed a suture was told to practice on a wound of another person.
A varsity field hockey team, however, would need an Astroturf field to host games and practice on.
Andrews prescribed a change to Irving’s treatment and he wore a brace for the first time in practice on Saturday.
“As massage therapists, we grew up being told not to practice on cancer patients, because it would promote the spread of cancer.
After a rain-hit practice on Thursday, the sun came back out to warm fans crowded around the picturesque principality’s glittering harbour.
A partner at Eisenmenger, Berry, Blaue & Peters, P.A., he focuses his practice on civil litigation as it pertains to personal injury and family law.
“As a forward, you get worried when you’re not creating chances and chances aren’t falling for you,” said Sinclair after practice on Saturday in Montreal.
After practice in selecting proper mask sizes and fitting the masks on a couple of the shelter dogs, the group moved outside to practice on a couple of rescue foals.