all the way down in a sentence

He rode hard to the top of the hill and then lifted his feet off the pedals and coasted all the way down the other side.

He says he watched as the boat then “burned all the way down and sank.”

“You want to see that move travel all the way down to that anchor point.”

She said the fire was “from my shoulder blades all the way down to my pants.”

The plastic ends up not just floating on top of the ocean, it goes all the way down to the bottom.

Roku also offers cheaper options with fewer features, all the way down to its $50 Streaming Stick.

That could drop even further before Christmas, AAA predicts, all the way down to below $2 a gallon.

Very fine control of traffic flow is given to the player details all the way down to speed limits and right-of-way at intersections are options that can be selected in-game.

A Nuclear blast extends all the way down, perhaps even to the 7th level.

The BC had its own sound with bass notes going all the way down on its tonewheel generator from TG notes 1 to 12 found on the earlier BC units with non tapered manuals.

And it’s impeccable, all the way down staging and backdrops.
A dualist all the way down, he divided himself into soul and body, and never could accept the latter.
And it could go all the way down to the impact that news has in New York, Ben Smith’s team, which can be incredibly impactful.
And those differences manifest themselves in a long list of ways that reach into where we live and how we live – all the way down to our summer photo scrapbook.
After Lake Stevens scored on its first drive of the game, Marysville-Pilchuck responded with a drive from its own 28 all the way down to the Lake Stevens 10-yard line.
Arquette cited the Sony hack as letting “us know about this pay inequality, not just for actresses, but women working in editing, special effects, all the way down in every area.”
A Canada Savings Bond Series 547, issued in 1992, saw its annual return drop from six per cent when it was first offered, all the way down to 0.50 per cent in 2013 when it matured.