ball game in a sentence

I hope today’s ball game won’t be canceled.

395108 I thought Madison Greathouse pitched a really solid ball game.

You should have enough pride to go out here everyday and want to win a ball game.

“The next time we’re in a close ball game, we’ve got some experiences to pull from.

“We had two big innings today and that happened to be a good one late in the ball game.

We did that on several occasions, but in a tight ball game, you have to do a better job.”

I saw a great basket ball game take place some time ago .

This ball game was not a common game, but the “celestial ball game“.

In his show on baseball, he broke into Take Me Out to the ball game — a cappella.

Indeed, his youthful interest with the round ball game may actually have aided him in certain ways.

The Cubs responded by tying the ball game 3-3 in the second inning, which featured a two-run home run by Wood.

Ballew sings When a Cowboy Goes to Town by Albert von Tilzer (who also composed the familiar Take Me Out to the ball game ).

Hailes or clacken is a Scottish ball game which dates to the 18th century and achieved its widest popularity in the nineteenth.

And this makes inconvenience at a ball game irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.”
As and when these vehicles become commonplace, there is likely to be a shift from personal to product liability and that is a whole new ball game for insurers and manufacturers.”