agglomerate in a sentence

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Dry pigments are available commercially in the form of solid agglomerates .

The current population of Pune urban agglomerate is over 5 million.

Kenya’s population agglomerates tribes, cultures, religions and languages.

As the agglomerates grow larger, they settle into a collector.

There is a local appearance of agglomerate and pumice.

Any ash in which they are very abundant is called an agglomerate .

Furthermore, adding surfactant enhances the dispersion of the agglomerates .

A high quality colloidal silver has ionic silver that does not readily agglomerate .

Finer-grained soils tend to retain soil moisture and agglomerate into clumps.

Traditional pyrolysis often results in aggregates and agglomerates rather than single primary particles.

In the northern and the southern squares, the architecture is densely agglomerated .

agglomerates act as stress concentration sites which reduce the overall strength of nanocomposites.

Donetsk and the surrounding territories are heavily urbanised and agglomerated into conurbation.

Once contact is made, dust particulates and water droplets combine to form agglomerates .

Nanopowders are agglomerates of ultrafine particles, nanoparticles, or nanoclusters.

The material tends to agglomerate or build up on the vessel walls pack together.

Many nanoparticles agglomerate or aggregate when they are placed in environmental or biological fluids.

The Les Rouaux agglomerate also contains pumice.

Champagne corks are built from several sections and are referred to as agglomerated corks.

The large agglomerates formed in the venturi are then removed by an inertial separator.

In many materials, atoms or molecules agglomerate together to form objects at the nanoscale.

Ice on lakes is generally four types: Primary, secondary, superimposed and agglomerate .

A small piece of volcanic agglomerate was dredged from 400 fathoms on the north slope.

Coarser-grained soils tend to be free-flowing and do not agglomerate into clumps.

Its agglomerated urban area extends from the Cávado River to the Este River.

Once formed, nuclei collide to coalesce or agglomerate where temperature and species dictate the mechanism.

Wet granulation is a process of using a liquid binder to lightly agglomerate the powder mixture.

Explosively erupted pyroclastic material is called tephra and includes tuff, agglomerate and ignimbrite.

Preliminary data on authentic lunar dust has shown that in aqueous suspension, lunar particles agglomerate rapidly.

It is coloured grey and includes some basalt and pyroclastic fallout such as tuff and agglomerate .

The gentle motion involved will not break up any lumps or agglomerates found in the feed.

Plastic soils tend to stick to screens and other equipment, and agglomerate into large clumps.

One of the more dramatic manifestations of Triassic copper are huge agglomerates found occasionally in the mines.

The output estimates in millions tones of iron, steel, rolled iron, and agglomerate annually.

Gas-humidification – The gas-humidification process agglomerates fine particles, increasing the bulk, making collection easier.

At most, the agglomerates will cause a small bump or ripple on the actual paint surface.

In addition there are infrequent outcrops of igneous rocks including lavas, tuffs and volcanic vent agglomerates .

TiO2 pigment agglomerates exceed this size, and their presence near the topmost film surface hurts gloss.

However the centrifugal force and vibration and acts to prevent blockage of aperture and formation of agglomerated particles.