aversion in a sentence

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Aversion Meaning:

n.) Opposition or repugnance of mind; fixed dislike; antipathy; disinclination; reluctance.

Aversion Sentences:

She felt an aversion to him.

She has an aversion to pets.

I have an aversion to housework.

He has a strong aversion to dogs.

Yet aversion to HMOs is still strong, especially in rural areas of the nation.

Then, just prior to that critical point, introduce the aversion relief element.

Most people have a natural aversion to anything associated with death or dying.

Overconfidence and regret aversion are two basic concepts in behavioral finance.

This is especially the case with the chemical and electrical aversion therapies.

In her nerve tissue, nevertheless, the aversion to untouchables continued to twitch.

Always recognize the dreamlike qualities of life and reduce attachment and aversion.

There is an aversion to holding meetings at short notice with a diminished complement.

I painted the nibbled area with a well known brand of chilli sauce as aversion therapy.

I believe he overcame his aversion for – for anything – stronger long enough to beget me.