bad news in a sentence

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She blanched at the bad news.

She was sorry to hear the bad news.

My mother prepared me for the bad news.

He looked grave when told the bad news.

He broke down when he heard the bad news.

She all but wept when she heard the bad news.

I regret that I have to inform you of the bad news.

bad news is preferable to an absence of information.

By the grim look on my boss’ face, I knew it was going to be bad news.

His face was quite grim when he gave us the bad news about the accident.

She looked very upset after the meeting, so I braced myself for the expected bad news.

You can’t hide the fact that you’re having a hard time.

bad news travels fast you know.

During the reports on the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, each news update just seemed to bring more bad news.

“When the bad news inevitably hits, they don’t have a cash cushion.”

“Reacting to the bad news, investors are saying to themselves ‘again?

The bad news is that BYOD programs fail or can fail for many reasons.

The bad news is, it’s a stronger field of options than four years ago.

So we tune out reality, discount bad news, invent positive alternatives.

This isn’t just more bad news for the climate and the renewables industry.

142269 But unfortunately, today, we are relaying some very, very bad news.”

The bad news is that Puerto Rico is really facing two separate death spirals.

All of this is bad news for a company that has been losing momentum for months.

Because of that, it is usually women who face delivering bad news to a partner.

Just as you may avoid bad news in life, defendants tend to avoid process servers.

The weather has spelled bad news for other local business, including ski resorts.

Walmart’s bad news was greeted as a negative for the entire retail sector though.

This is skillful media management, but it can’t hide this is bad news for Harper.

The bad news: Americans still have a long way to go in how they divvy up calories.

The study, which received funding from the Canadian government, wasn’t all bad news.

A bit more bad news – the price of regular gas in Calgary has shot up to 84.9 cents.

In such circumstances, the first hint of bad news has traders betting prices will fall.

Here are five things to watch: 1. How much bad news will there really be in the budget?

Chantal Landry says the rising cost of food is bad news for low income New Brunswickers.

And that’s bad news for a device that can be re-used, and cleaned, several times each day.

This tax is bad news for Tesla — the Model S is the most popular electric car in Denmark.

News, Opinion & Analysis America’s lack of STEM students is bad news for national security.

But the troopers were an ominous development in a day filled with bad news for the governor.

50009 And it should go without saying that if your inspector has no license, that’s bad news.

Nonetheless, Mohsenian thinks that most of the bad news is already priced into Coke’s shares.

The bad news is that the drone the FAA approved is so old, it’s not even being tested anymore.

The bad news is most Canadians won’t get to see either the total solar eclipse or the supermoon.

While this announcement spelled good news for the country, this was clearly bad news for the FNM.

The finding:Atlantic circulation is weakening, which could be bad news for weather and sea levels.

When she reaches the hospital on this day, there’s bad news: All the dialysis units are being used.

But here’s the bad news: police say they can’t do a thing to break up the riders’ dangerous displays.

When delivering bad news, schedule the patient for the end of the day and do not allow interruptions.

It’s bad news in a city where all trees were originally hand planted, and one third of those are elMs. “It made me feel so happy and I didn’t have time to process the bad news that my other car had burned.

On All Souls’ day we received the bad news that the motor on our recently purchased Toyota van had seized up on the return from Rockdale, and that a new motor would have to be found.