clad in a sentence

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We’re not seeing the scantily clad women on the streets anymore, Evans said.

About 10 a.m., crew members spotted a single body floating, clad in a survival suit.

He is the leader of the T-Birds, a leather clad gang, and has a reputation to keep up.

As for “belly dancers,” some teams have embraced the idea of scantily clad “ice girls.”

RED SMOKE As Italy’s only F1 race, Monza is a pilgrimage site for red-clad Ferrari fans.

The horseback-riding, boot-clad, tough-talking Jaime Rodriguez lives up to his nickname.

This month, it’s a group of suit-clad men on horses outfitted with oil extraction pump heads.

The pic shows Hemsworth, clad in his Huntsman attire, sitting in the grass with his daughter.

But today it’s time to be joyous,” said Quintano, clad in a black bowler hat and matching bow tie.

It’s clearly clad in the OnePlus One’s “multi-material” back and is expected to have a metal frame.

Holmes meekly surrendered outside the theater, where police found him clad head-to-toe in combat gear.

The roof is of an A-frame construction, clad in Kentish peg tiles.