collaboration in a sentence

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collaboration has apparently paid off for both of them.

The collaboration with my colleagues was a very valuable learning experience for me.

collaboration between the various levels of government has made everything much easier.

My wife’s and my views coincide on most issues, except when it comes to politics.

Celebrities who write their autobiographies usually do so in collaboration with a professional author.

A German physicist has won the Nobel prize for science for his work in collaboration with another scientist.

The musical collaboration of John Lennon and Paul McCartney produced some of the most popular songs of our era.

The French Finance Minister was forced to resign after stories surfaced of his wartime collaboration with the Nazis.

André Gide once remarked that art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.

The song “Hey Bulldog” on the Beatles’ album Yellow Submarine was the last song John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote in full collaboration.

The task of a family therapist is to help everyone improve their interpersonal communication and collaboration with other family members.

644798 Spielberg: Every collaboration is better than the one before.

Right now, a room full of global biz leaders promoting collaboration.

When collaboration succeeds, the parties file a joint divorce decree.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between SoFi and Gothamist staff.

It marks the first collaboration between a pair of toys-game franchises.

“It’ll be an incubator for creativity and collaboration,” Hennessey says.

Erdogan for his part called for more collaboration in the fight against IS.

786396 There’s this collaboration process that makes everything go faster.”

In Liberia, we found that mHero is more about collaboration than technology.

It is about that collaboration, about schools working together for the best.

Do you use different formats for internal collaboration and external sharing?

Both countries may also announce greater collaboration on intelligence sharing.

Despite his personal experience, Xi also believes in the power of collaboration.

We believe communication and collaboration should be independent of the org chart.

796448 The seminar involved collaboration with the Sugar Industry Authority (SIA).

One such brew, Legion, was a collaboration with New Zealand’s 666 Brewing Company.

Under his leadership, the collaboration among OIE, FAO, and WHO has moved forward.

It sounds like respect, like collaboration, like being held in a benevolent mirror.

But the Saudis are still looking for greater collaboration and coordination, he said.

A missed opportunity may turn into a potential merger or collaboration in the future.

So what can you do when you have a talent-heavy team and need to ensure collaboration?

Gordon said she wants to see more collaboration between all health-care professionals.

“An inter-agency approach is needed because the solution has to come from collaboration.

425106 It was sort of a love affair,”” he said of their long collaboration on Quiz Show.”

This collaboration was explicitly required as a condition of the program’s participation.

It’s a reason why I think this collaboration between researchers and activists is critical.

A pop-up collaboration between Seletti and Toiletpaper features at Beijing Design Week 2015.

The collaboration may be unchartered territory, but it is sure to please many Star Wars fans.

With an open plan office design, it hopes to foster collaboration between fledgling companies.

This is the second “Kyoto Insider Guide” the city has issued in collaboration with TripAdvisor.

That kind of collaboration will be the hallmark if we earn Canadians’ trust on Monday, he said.

“We have seen protests, tears, frustration, collaboration, legislation, and sometimes violence.

The recent events in Paris showed the power of real-time collaboration among all our newsrooMs.
collaboration is most daunting when working with those whose interests may not align with ours.

You belong to several business groups on Facebook, which is great for collaboration and support.

Correction April 30th 10:00am ET: Epic’s collaboration was with Weta Digital, not Weta Workshop.

He later returned with Sir Paul and Rihanna to perform their joint collaboration FourFiveSeconds.

7. SolPro 8. Ekocycle 3D Systems recently unveiled the Ekocycle, made in collaboration with will.

According to Hollaback!, this was the extent of the collaboration between nonprofit and director.