contractor in a sentence

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Contractors are absorbing rising materials prices in their margins.

Weapons contractors are opposed to the peace process.

I cannot calculate the final cost until I talk with our contractors.

The contractor said the building would be finished by the end of the year.

Right on schedule, that contractor came around today, begging for more time.

We have tendered the work for the new building to a couple of local contractors.

The contractor will furnish you with any tools or materials you need to do the job.

The contractors have done a fantastic job on the renovations to our house, the place looks even better than we’d expected.

The contractors have revised their original estimate for the work to accommodate some changes I made to our original request.

Coroner Watts said that the men were subcontractors for the railroad.

The city said it would hire contractors soon to remove the monuments.

The contractor will be utilizing a pilot car during the lane closures.

What accounts for the discrepancy in the ratio of contractors to costs?

Porter says he doesn’t know why contractors like him aren’t being paid.

The program was first revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

There is a shortage of contractors and workers in town, Brodeskur says.

If subcontractors and suppliers are not paid, they can lien your project.

Some questions he suggests: Did the contractor perform like they agreed to?

It said privately held General Atomics would serve as the prime contractor.

The prostitutes are independent contractors who get 50 percent of the price.

The Water Board’s contractor, Knife River Materials, is performing the work.

Four contractors were taken to the hospital for evaluation of minor injuries.

Subcontractors began repairing the roof of the Wall’s home Tuesday afternoon.

Four contractors were taken to the hospital for evaluation for minor injuries.

Weinstein, a U.S. contractor, was abducted by the Taliban in Pakistan in 2011.

The contractor evidently survived the bite – most U.S. snakes are non-venomous.

District crews, not an outside contractor, will lay the only asphalt this year.

Glass plowed city streets for a private contractor before starting his company.

The civilian contractors would fly surveillance drones, not the armed aircraft.

The agency had been contracted by a sub-contractor to do some work at the site.

The facility will be operated jointly through a common contractor or consultant.

He says the government should stop and reassess the project and its contractors.

645945 Staff recommend that the fourth contract be awarded to Ocean contractors.

We’re now going to co-ordinate all this under one general contractor, Tory said.

Through Postmates and DoorDash, independent contractors deliver restaurant meals.

651364 Strippers generally work as independent contractors rather than employees.

We expect the stadium to be handed over by the main contractor at the end of 2016.

For some highly skilled workers, being classified as a contractor is a great deal.

291888 He was an avid fisherman and hunter, a residential contractor and landlord.

407199 It’s a situation where any contractor can take on too much work,”” he said.”

Read alsoRelatives say 19-year-old Russian contractor killed in Syria”It’s all lies.

The time of removal will “depend on the judgment of contractors” hired for the task.

But here are a few of the risks: You’ll get no state help pursuing a bad contractor.

Postmates, for example, relies on independent contractors for its delivery personnel.

“I can’t be listed as a contractor on the job: I don’t even know who that is, ‘Omri’.

He began as an electrical contractor and decided to open his own company 31 years ago.

Currently, sharing-economy workers are properly classified as independent contractors.

He currently works as a civilian IT engineer with a U.S. military contractor in Kuwait.

Corona had worked as a labor contractor, providing farm laborers to orchards and farMs. Like Uber’s drivers, Postmates couriers aren’t employees but “independent contractors.”

Two other American service members and a U.S. contractor were also injured in the blast.

Along the way, they also dropped coffins in front of various defense contractor offices.

A subcontractor for Windsor did seismic tests along Highway 1 inside Sussex town limits.

On the one hand, many 1099 workers enjoy the flexibility that being a contractor allows.

744775 The man, an employee of Alaska contractor Menzies Aviation, walked off the plane.

A problem with paying suppliers may alert you to a contractor on shaky financial ground.

A fourth American, who was a CIA contractor, remains missing after visiting the country.

The city has put out a request for proposals from private contractors to take on the job.

Now with private contractor Inbound LLC, the Lowell native just got back from California.

As of Friday, she’s heard the contractor would pull the air district permit that afternoon.

Homejoy is a cleaning service where the maids are, you guessed it, independent contractors.

That breach also came down to a third-party contractor that was hired to manage voter data.

“It happened when a contractor doing some work in the town accidentally cut through a cable.

City workers had tried a pressure washer and say they might need a contractor to work on it.

Make sure the contractor has the resources, experience and reputation to complete your work.

Two Guinean peacekeepers and a contractor from Burkina Faso died in the attack, the UN said.

The BBB recommends checking the BBB website to ensure your handyman is a licensed contractor.

So if flooding caused any damage, contractors will be able to fix it as they go, Seiler said.

196475 DOT Spokesman Brent Walker said a statewide contractor handles the interstate repairs.

Cuomo said it was possible the tools came from contractors working on the 170-year-old prison.

Homeowners the CBC spoke to agree, and say local contractors live in a take it or leave world.

IMCO General Construction, which is based in Washington state, is the construction contractor.

But Airbus ranks just 84th on the Pentagon’s list of top contractors, according to BGA-Aeroweb.

Typically, USW workers are responsible for shutting down a unit, while contractors do the work.

Their contractor went bankrupt, and a recession left them with apartments no one wanted to buy.

contractors on breaks from their work ate curries, noodles and rice bowls in the large canteen.

The afternoon presentation was attended by contractors, owners, managers and accounts personnel.

241112 FreshBooks is best suited for small contractors and/or individual freelancers/contractors.

The board also voted on a contractor bid for a new HVAC system at South Charleston Middle School.

“The previous contractor has known this area for a long time, a local employer, a local supplier.

contractors would be hired only for specific projects within a set time frame, workers were told.

He said this will allow BCSS staff to work more closely with the general contractors of projects.

After agreeing to the new rules, Hagmann and other contractors were to be reviewed every two years.

The U.S. State Department said Raytheon and Lockheed Martin were the main contractors in the sales.

contractors utilize a Form 1099 for miscellaneous income and will receive a full, untaxed paycheck.

It’s the latest revelation from documents provided by the agency’s former contractor Edward Snowden.

All available B.C. firefighters, including 622 contractors, are already engaged across the province.

There aren’t private snow clearing contractors “wandering around doing whatever they want,” he said.

Cowie says the mailboxes should have been installed by Monday, but the contractor is behind schedule.

Local contractors will be given the opportunity to construct the homes in the various Family Islands.

Later that night, the investigation team detained two more building contractors who live in the city.

Fire alarm contractors inspected the building Tuesday to make sure they were all working, Gryba said.

The contractor must make acknowledgment of receipt of the letter.

Aero contractor is currently grounded because of workers agitation .