deliberately in a sentence

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Some critics disliked the abstruse plot and deliberately enigmatic ending.

He deliberately broke the glass.

He deliberately exposed her to danger.

He deliberately kept on provoking a confrontation.

She deliberately ignored me on the street.

kebukebu Modern performance art is often deliberately transitory.

He deliberately ignored me when I passed him in the street.

Why did you deliberately run over your little sister’s sand castle? He said it was an accident, but I think he did it deliberately.

I asked him if he was angry with me, and he deliberately ignored me.

Computer viruses are programs which are written deliberately to damage data.

The West is accused of deliberately trying to undermine this nation’s government.

The player was ejected from the game for deliberately trying to injure an opponent.

Every year, a million tons of oil are spilled, leaked, or deliberately dumped into the sea.

The music of ancient Rome left few traces, partly because it was deliberately suppressed.

track The music of ancient Rome left few traces, partly because it was deliberately suppressed.

supreme The music of ancient Rome left few traces, partly because it was deliberately suppressed.

delicate The President’s answer as to whether the United States was prepared to use force was deliberately vague.

The Thursday before Easter is the only day in the year that Guatemala’s Indians deliberately avoid eating corn.

The city’s fire chief has announced that the fire that destroyed a city block was deliberately set by persons unknown.

In 1991, Iraq was accused of deliberately pumping oil into the Persian Gulf in what was called an act of environmental terrorism.

The salesman deliberately tried to mislead us into believing that the used car we were looking at had never been in an accident before.

Studies show that almost half of those surveyed believe that tobacco companies deliberately target children and teens in their marketing.

Their team set out to deliberately intimidate our players by swearing at them, and telling our kids they were going to hurt them on purpose.

Paul Nation suggests that second language learners’ attention should be deliberately drawn to the patterning of sounds in the second language.

In the early part of Canada’s history, European settlers deliberately gave blankets infected with disease to the native people in order to reduce their population.

The prosecution has suggested that Gabriel Demers deliberately ambushed his wife and killed her, while his lawyer suggests it was a sudden, totally unplanned event.

During his famous radio address, Franklin Roosevelt announced, “Yesterday, December seventh, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

” The agency’s Net neutrality rules deliberately don’t ban such deals.

“That was the main point of the case, but he didn’t act deliberately.

“This statement was deliberately published to harm Palestinian sport.”

Jean-Claude Juncker deliberately chose to deliver his warning in German.

In fact, says Vorländer, it is deliberately aiming for both demographics.

They said the man they know never would have deliberately crashed a plane.

But we now know that it’s not hard to deliberately sneak a weapon through.

And we would never go to the worsening of relations deliberately,” he said.

Walk slowly and deliberately looking out for anything that catches your eye.

China is not deliberately seeking a veto power, said Shi, according to Xinhua.

They deliberately prop up the dollar in order to sustain their trade surpluses.

447028 Kent Fire and Rescue Service confirmed the fire was started deliberately.

Experts suggest that these countries have deliberately been hindering the process.

192366 Does it get rid of stories which might be deliberately biased or misleading?

422435 It was deliberately set up for confrontation, with rows of opposing benches.

They are deliberately blurring what people fear about privatisation with the facts.

The nucleus is deliberately overexposed to reveal jets of material spewing from the comet.