door in a sentence

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Learn how to use door in a sentence – Example sentences:

What he saw looking through my front door was abundance .

Valhalla’s door is large enough for 800 abreast to march through.

Her heart had been on her sleeve when Mandy had opened that door, and she felt utterly and abjectly humiliated.

Corbett was finishing his ablutions when he heard a knock at the door.

Lock the door!Shut the damned door!Hold the door.

The door blew open.

He opened the door.

She opened the door.

They live next door.

She kicked the door.

It’s noisy next door.

He made for the door.

She ran for the door.

I held the door open.

I went up to the door.

I had the door mended.

I heard the door open.

Don’t leave door open.

I ran toward the door.

They beat the door in.

He broke the door open.

He knocked at the door.

The door remains closed.

She knocked on the door.

The front door was open.

We heard the door close.

The door shut after him.

Nobody answered the door.

My seat is near the door.

They burst the door open.

I opened the door slowly.

He lives next door to us.

She pushed the door shut.

I made him open the door.

She pushed the door open.

He found the door locked.

She went inside the door.

She pulled the door open.

He looked in at the door.

He found the door closed.

He gave a rap on the door.

He tried opening the door.

She lived next door to us.

She lives next door to us.

We painted the door green.

He tried to open the door.

He left the door unlocked.

He hid it behind the door.

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