enhance in a sentence

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Learn how to use enhance in a sentence – Example sentences:

I should be ripped off to enhance absorption .

Reading in English is an excellent way to enhance your vocabulary.

Find someone who knows how to do a tune-up on a car engine.

enhanceYou could enhance the value of your house considerably by having it repainted.

Changing your attitude from negative to positive may enhance your physical health.

The long fingernails of Thai dancers are used to enhance their graceful hand movements.

Fresh air, and surrounding yourself in a natural environment can enhance mental clarity.

She attempted to enhance her reputation by associating herself with well-known celebrities.

Sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso are all used to enhance the flavor of Japanese food.

Infrastructure improvements will enhance safety for both cyclists and pedestrians in the region.

Having a specific and clear goal for learning a second language will enhance your chances for success.

Part of the function of schooling is to enhance the capabilities of the individual, particularly the ability to reason.

Find someone who thinks Olympic athletes who use drugs to enhance their performance should be banned from further competition.

enlargeI would never knowingly take anything illegal to enhance my performance.

Projects are being formulated to enhance cooperation in disaster management.

“We’re here to enhance services for the Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne County area.”

Crave Ep. 203: Enhance your beer’s flavor with sound waves Beer lovers rejoice.

He said restrooms and shops have now been constructed to enhance visitor experience.

“I like to enhance the brows in a soft manner without looking like they are drawn on.

We hope other countries will take similar steps to enhance counter-terrorism efforts.”

“We are very eager to use this technology to enhance our emergency preparedness plans.”

Engineers have also used the two-year break to enhance the stability of the accelerator.

Enhance natural movement by bending small sections of hair around a 1-inch curling iron.

Agility drills These drills raise the heart rate and enhance proprioception and balance.

A related proposal is to enhance America’s nearly 40,000-man force presence in the Gulf.

The program is hoped to enhance skills and improve the coordination of different agencies.

950310Women are more independent, more ambitious; they work harder to enhance themselves.

The absence of any other books from Lee only seemed to enhance the appeal of “Mockingbird.”

We play “whatever we’re in the mood for” – sometimes to enhance it, sometimes to change it.

NATO claims its exercises aim to “enhance security,” in response to the Russian “aggression.”

Meanwhile the SH6 comes without a sub but features “dual bass ports” to enhance bass response.

SyMyco is looking to enhance its relationship with Danforth Center through R&D collaborations.

Consumers in the developed countries are purchasing wearable devices to enhance their lifestyle.

The law’s only contribution to the vehicle code is to enhance penalties for photography, he said.

The Liberals said in the throne speech they will enhance support for the meal programs at schools.

All of these items use partially hydrogenated oils to help enhance the “creaminess” of the product.

For example, you can easily enhance your landscapes, cityscapes and nature pictures with filtering.

It’s fun to design this way because it’s easy to create, edit, and enhance the colors as you see fit.

Explore our suite of server and IT software and discover the perfect package to enhance your business.

“The grants help broaden our reach and enhance opportunities for GW students,” Brown said in an email.

These are killing aggravations which do accent and enhance our sins.

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