equity in a sentence

We have a lot of equity tied up in our chalet, and we never even use it anymore.

In Korea’s corporate sector, overall results of restructuring have been quite positive, with the debt-equity ratio improving dramatically.

We put £50 a month into a personal equity plan.

In Korea’s corporate sector, overall results of restructuring have been quite positive, with the debt-equity ratio improving dramatically.

Since purchasing our house, the equity in our property has gone up by 10%.

Mary Jean LeTendre once observed that excellence in education need not mean elitism, and equity need not mean mediocrity.

Christina Stead once said that if equity and human natural reason were allowed, there would be no law, there would be no lawyers.

There is no equity in the government’s tax cuts, only the rich benefit.

Socialization equips the individual to handle societal roles.

equity Find someone who believes men and women should have full equity in the event of a divorce.

equivalent Based on the equity I have built up over the years, my bank will allow me to borrow fifty thousand dollars for that luxury yacht I have always dreamed of.

The Bible says of God that “With righteousness shall he judge the world: and the people with equity.

” Our equity funds are doing very well at the moment.

The policy of this government is to promote equity in its hiring practices.

And he’s repeatedly tried to close tax loopholes that benefit hedge fund and private equity managers.

Bain did not respond to requests for comment, while the rest of the private equity firms declined to comment.

Bain Capital is a private equity firm.

Gender equity is a global issue that has one of the biggest impacts on health.

However, the problem with a lack of equity remains.

Ingram Micro and eBay are the closest to gender equity, with more than 40% of their workers being female.

Is a home equity line of credit available to you?

“It never occurred to us that equity could go down,” David Allen said.

Safeway sold itself in March to private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management for more than $9 billion.

Take away equity lines and credit cards and you will have shrunk the economy by 40 %.

This next to no marketing keeps overheads down and return on equity up.

Title IX, as we know, demands gender equity in college sports.

We asked the Court, as a matter of equity and fairness, to order the return of excessive payments.”””

We think this is a smart move by Halliburton,”” said Stewart Glickman, an equity analyst at S&P Capital IQ.”

equity is the right answer,” he said, “but finding and being able to sell that is the hard part.”

“I think that there is no question that the Fed did not have authority under the law to take equity in the company.

“If we could just change the hospital practices, I think we could have a lot more equity.”

“These issues of equity and fairness, they are not in her wheelhouse.”

“This has reassured both the Chinese market and equity markets generally.

“We have a lot of companies with donations and sweat equity.

“We needed to be able to go to companies and say, we are as good as a public equity.

“We’re one round away from an IPO or an equity deal,” he says.

” To Blackwell, “equity” means a fair, just, inclusive society in which everyone can reach their potential.

A better course of action may be to establish an employee pool with 10-15% of the company equity, Coplin said.

A retiree who has debt and a retirement account with equity exposure may not have the staying power he or she thinks.

A third option allowed contributors to invest $5,000 in exchange for 0.5 percent equity as well as free beer for life.

A woman enters the offices of private equity firm APAX in London May 18, 2012.

A year and a half ago, White decided to look for equity capital.

According to public documents, it formed in 2013 as an equity investment vehicle for up to $10 million.

AirClic investors include JMI equity, New Venture Partners and Zon Capital Partners.

All of this could prove problematic for entrepreneurs who need VC-style equity investments.

Alvin Jiang has a knack for landing lucrative deals in China, the world’s biggest emerging market for private equity.

American Apparel also received a buyout offer from private equity firm Irving Place.

Among them: Create a 25-year managed fund to “support regional racial equity infrastructure for all sectors.”

An estimated 10% of revenue is from equity or success fees.

And private-equity firms don’t live in a vacuum.

And that’s the value of any equity you might have in a home, any savings and also your pension pot.

Another option is in the home equity loan space.

Any increase in domestic equity prices is likely to be a function of increased corporate earnings,” Cecilia says.

As selling in global equity markets accelerated, not even the metals market was excluded from the selling pressure.

As with the equity loan scheme, buyers need to put down a deposit of at least 5%.

At only 11 years old, he made his first equity purchase – three shares of Cities Service Preferred.

At the high end of the distribution were mostly graduates employed by hedge funds and private equity firms.

At the high end of the distribution were mostly graduates employed by hedge funds and private equity firms.

Banks will benefit from the Fed tightening and will boost their returns on equity as the economy expands.

BC Partners beat rival private equity firms in the race to acquire PetSmart.

Billions of dollars in shareholder equity would evaporate.

But does the landlord deserve or earn the equity being purchased by the tenants?

But equity underwriting revenue doubled to $622 million as more companies tapped the market for capital.

But the documents describe MD Helicopters in Mesa, Arizona, and Patriarch Partners, a private equity firm in New York.

By contrast, the average stock in the MSCI World index of the developed countries’ equity markets is up 7.7%.

By default, a lot of money is continuing to go into the equity markets.”

Cardinal Capital’s Small Cap equity Portfolio was among the top performers within its peer group reporting to PSN.

CEC agreed to be bought by the private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $950 million.

Cerberus will get an 80.1 percent interest in Avon North America in exchange for a $170 million equity investment.

Characteristics of equity investment in microfinance.

Created in 1992, CAHEC now ranks as one of the largest nonprofit regional equity syndicators in the United States.

European equity markets also took a step lower on the news.

Garza points out that you have to be at least 62 years old to get a reverse mortgage, and you need equity.

Global stocks as measured by the MSCI world equity index <.

Gordon also has an equity stake in his own # 24 team.

Have a ton of home equity but little in retirement savings?