except in a sentence

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Learn how to use except in a sentence – Example sentences:

It ‘s what happened to smallpox except we made Making an a-bomb isn’t much of a technical challenge.

In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement .

All will go except you.

No one came except Mary.

Everyone except me knew it.

Everybody is busy except me.

Nobody was hungry except me.

Everybody knows it except me.

No one was absent except her.

Any day will do except Monday.

Everyone except me was invited.

I work every day except Sunday.

Everybody was singing except me.

He works every day except Sunday.

No admittance except on business.

I would walk, except it’s too hot.

I would go except for my headache.

I work every day except on Sunday.

He likes all animals except horses.

We all went to the party except Joe.

CNI’ve finished all except the last page.

She scarcely goes out except on business.

We go to school every day except on Sundays.

He knows no foreign language except English.

I take a walk every day except when it rains.

This is fairly good except for minor mistakes.

I know nothing except that she left last week.

We have five classes every day except Saturday.

He is a nice man, except that he talks too much.

I’m allowing all attacks except on vital organs.

The thesis is finished except for the conclusion.

They look alike except for the color of their hair.

I know nothing about her except that she is a pianist.

Life has no meaning except in terms of responsibility.

Nothing was to be heard except the sound of the waves.

He goes to work on foot every day except on rainy days.

Except for pronunciation, everyone can speak good French.

We know nothing except that he did not come home that day.

I doubt if anyone even remembers his name now, except for me.

Everybody except him thanked the critic for her honest opinion.

Our universe is almost empty, except for a few scattered stars.

Her composition is very good except for a few errors in spelling.

I usually get up at seven and go to bed at eleven except on Sundays.

School begins at half past eight except on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The room was totally silent except for the sound of the snoring dog.

The warehouse was empty except for a piece of furniture.

soweli_ElepantoExcept in special circumstances, anyone is allowed to enter the building.

Someone once joked that change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

I usually commute to work by bicycle, except when the weather is really bad.

The two children were identical except for the color of their eyes.

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