feel in a sentence

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Learn how to use feel in a sentence – Example sentences:

They don’t feel so accosted ,” Renwick said.

Or simply feel sorry for her in an absentminded sort of way?

Those of us who are Christians should feel ourselves abundantly blessed.

Most people feel that once absolved nothing further need be done.

So, feel absolve to find out more about platinum recycling.

To feel your body’s weight my length abreast ?

Feel light at heartI feel fine.

I feel sorry.

I feel alive.

I feel at ease.

I feel sorry for his momI feel feverish.

I feel just fine.

I don’t feel like workingI feel below par.

I feel lethargic.

They feel hungry.

I feel I’ve been betrayed!I do not feel sad.

I feel well today.

My legs feel heavy.

My eyes feel itchy.

You’ll feel better.

I feel se about it.

My eyes feel gritty.

I feel like singing.

I feel better today.

At times I feel sad.

I feel we shall win.

I feel sorry for her.

I always feel hungry.

He began to feel ill.

His hands feel rough.

I feel terrible today.

I do feel on the mend.

I feel deeply for you.

I feel so happy today.

Does anyone feel sick?

My eyes feel irritated.

I feel secure with him.

I feel like crying now.

My shoulders feel stiff.

My ears feel plugged up.

He began to feel afraid.

I feel like throwing up.

I feel at ease about it.

I feel rather off today.

I feel relaxed with him.

I feel heavy in the head.

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