figure in a sentence

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Learn how to use figure in a sentence – Example sentences:

The third figure is the most abstracted and schematic.

This figure is used for attracting wealth abundance .

Figure 6 Abutments between tank and upper channel.

She has no figure.

She has a good figure.

I can’t figure him out.

He has a slender figure.

He cut a brilliant figure.

I saw the figure of a man.

Keiko has a good figure.

CPShe has a very good figure.

He cut a fine figure in company.

The figure will be astronomical.

They have to figure out the cost.

I can’t figure out why he did it.

I can’t figure out why he said so.

I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

He made a figure in his school days.

What do you figure she is doing now?

I couldn’t figure out what he meant.

It’s not easy to figure out the cost.

I can’t figure out what he is saying.

She is vain about her slender figure.

He was a dark figure with a pale face.

Father is trying to figure out his tax.

I can’t figure out what he really wants.

I can’t figure out what she really wants.

Don’t figure on going abroad this summer.

I can figure out what he is trying to say.

I figure that my vote won’t change anything.

He cut a poor figure after his long illness.

You should try to figure it out for yourself.

She has as fine a figure as I have ever seen.

I caught sight of her figure in the distance.

I figure that she will succeed in her business.

I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.

I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.

He was not a political figure but a religious one.

Find someone who worries about his/her figure.

fileI can’t figure out this mathematics problem easily.

I can’t figure out what the writer is trying to say.

Well, let me take it back and figure it out for you.

The computer can figure just as the human brain does.

Mozart is a very important figure in classical music.

Her figure will be shown off to advantage in a kimono.

The figure on the left spoils the unity of the painting.

A well-known crime figure has been linked to the murder.

She has a nice figure because she takes care of herself.

I couldn’t figure out where on earth he was heading for.

Among our employees he’s recognized as a towering figure.

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