fireplace in a sentence

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The camp consists of a circle, a central fireplace and an ablutions facility.

The clock is above the fireplace.

They gathered about the fireplace.

The fireplace was burning brightly.

Clean the ashes out of the fireplace.

The fireplace lends coziness to this room.

He sawed logs for the fireplace.

Shift the sofa so that it faces the fireplace.

Do you have a table in front of the fireplace?

Enjoy reading, cuddling by the fireplace and slow dancing.

The diamonds were hidden in a hollow brick in the fireplace.

He was lost in contemplation as he stared into the fireplace.

A spark flew out of the fireplace and burnt a hole in the rug.

The cat lay curled up in a ball on the rug in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace, lacking firewood, flames already starting to lose their vigour.

The young couple spent the evening cuddling on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

We spent a romantic evening in front of the fireplace after a wonderful day of skiing.

Take the grate out of the fireplace when you clean it, so you can get all the ashes out.

The cat lay on the carpet in front of the fireplace, curled up into a furry little ball.

The murderer wiped the blood off his hands, and then burnt his stained clothes in the fireplace.

She cut off the end of her toe when she hit her foot with an axe while chopping wood for their fireplace.

We had a gorgeous evening relaxing in the chalet in front of the fireplace, after a wonderful day of skiing.

Don’t burn that wood in your fireplace.

It has been treated with some kind of chemical and it could be toxic.

Hello, I’d like to make a reservation for four people tonight, around 7:00.

And could we have a table near the fireplace?
A Malagasy proverb notes that it is not the fire in the fireplace which warms the house, but the couple who get along well.

Someone once joked, “What is it about a fire that makes it so eager to start in a forest, and so reluctant to start in a fireplace?”
It’s hard to conceive of a more romantic evening than relaxing in front of the fireplace with a bottle of wine and you, my love.

Someone once joked that nothing is more cozy and restful than a warm, crackling fire in the living room, but only if you have a fireplace.

Hawai, y’know, has a lot of houses with fireplaces doesn’t it?

The mornings and evenings over there get cold as well so people who feel the cold light fires.

fireplaces that use propane or natural gas do not have to be registered.

Plus you can turn your screen into a virtual fireplace with the “Yule Log.”

Anything that can catch fire should be kept away from stoves and fireplaces.

And always place a tree away from heat sources like an air vent or fireplace.

Experts say that extended use likely exacerbated problems with the fireplace.

The five-bedroom home has four fireplaces and both hardwood and marble floors.

Ladra claims the quake crumbled her fireplace, causing rocks to fall on her knee.

A fireplace can feel like a blessing on a cold November night when you have no power.

Black: “You didn’t think to ask Ms. Shirley about the fireplace valve in that proffer?

The 4,000-square-foot home has French doors, millwork throughout, and three fireplaces.

He also replaced a living-room fireplace and donated the original to the Nixon library.

After the floor, it’s a toss-up between addressing the popcorn ceiling or the fireplace.

730058 The home’s great room and master bedroom feature fireplaces and vaulted ceilings.

Great room spaces include large island kitchens and casual seating areas with fireplaces.

The only problem with having two fireplaces is figuring out which one to sit beside at Scofflaw.

Built in 1790, the house has five fireplaces, beamed ceilings, and built-in shelving and cabinets.

Outdoor living areas can be equipped with kitchens, TVs and audio systems, fire pits and fireplaces.

We thought it was a fire place but we knew that those apartments didn’t have fireplaces, Culton said.

451773 Lakefront suites feature a lounge area, fireplace and balcony with cafe-style table and chairs.