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Accidentally give ASADA the wrong address of your house, get a 2 year ban.”

A Citic spokeswoman declined to give further details.

A few simple tests will give you an accurate idea of what to expect in terms of project cost.

A good police officer always has had the power to give someone a talking to.

All of these new systems and characteristics give GOLFTRIX a competitive edge over existing golf games.”

A lot of people don’t smoke, so you always want to give them another option.”””

And all kinds of seasonal cake mixes on the market can help give the cake pops a special holiday flare.

An ad of that size in The Hollywood Reporter apparently costs $2,200, so here’s hoping they give him the job!

And, as inadequate as this apology is, it is all I can give you.”””

Reaction with ammonia give primary amines.

And I refuse to give up my schooling because a company refuses to work around my school schedule.

And would often give me small tasks and say, You are on your honor.”””

Anthony Belcourt, O.C. Ottawa, Ontario Tony Belcourt has helped to give a voice to Canada’s Métis community.

Any debris found could give investigators some clues as to what happened to the jetliner.

Anything less than $100 was garbage to him, recalled Maria, who declined to give her last name.”

As far as why the double stabbing happened, the suspects won’t give a straight answer.

A strategy to give hope, to have a peace initiative that can hopefully initiate a movement in the right direction.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed urged residents to stop driving for at least a day to give crews a chance to clean up.

At 3am it’s ‘give me this one, give me this one.’

At times like this, you really need a friend who can give you a bit of good-natured perspective.

Bird hit the free throw to give the Storm a 76-72 lead with 1:07 left.

“Black folks in America are telling one party, ‘We don’t give a damn about you,’” Smith said.

But it did give South Korea the chance to show what it could do.

But it did not give more details.

But it required a mistake from him to give me half a sniff, even.

But I’ve had what I loved taken away from me and I won’t give up.”

But let’s be honest – what do you give the God who has everything?

But let’s give it a couple days to see if anyone comes forward.

But I give their defense a lot of credit.”

But no one can take away the glory of that click-click-click you give us in our hotel-room lamps.

But it will also give EU leaders a reason not to travel to Moscow for a second memorial, writes Roman Imielski.

But there is no consensus on an amendment to give asylum to intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

But this is what they’re willing to do and willing to give.

But we can help those in need and give them the truth.

But with neither club willing to give an inch and no referee willing to call a penalty, the clock ran.

But we cannot give it carte blanche.”””

But you have to give it to Soong, the seasoned soldier.

By the time we finally reach Friday, we’re ready to give thanks with that celebrated saying, “TGIF.”

Christmas for me is definitely a time to give,”” said Perreault.”

Citizens must give information to the police so that they will be able to successfully investigate crimes.

Clean, organize, and give away stuff you no longer need.

Clubbers are turning to laughing gas to give them a high.

Could you give us some idea what your superbrain would consider acceptable?

Concert organizers declined to give further comment Tuesday, referring only to their statements on Facebook.

Cushing was recommended in 2010, but Congress did not give formal approval until late last year.

Delfincko Bogan and Kelvondre Moore each hit two free throws to give the Bluejays a 57-53 lead.

Does it give us more flexibility?”

Does the company hire smart people and give them room to grow?

Do not give up one span of land that you have liberated, spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani says.”

EA investors mad for Madden But buying Minecraft won’t give Microsoft the brains behind the creation.

Felton followed with a jumper before Anthony dunked to cap a 15-0 spurt and give the Knicks a 62-49 advantage.

Flashbacks from his youth and life post-war give us insight into the character of the man.

Flooding may happen faster than we can give alerts, so please drive slowly.

First of all you give them a ball, and half their barriers go away ‘cause they just want to play!”

For the record, Netflix does give you the option to opt out of automatically playing the next episode.

German officials confirmed Moore’s release on Tuesday but declined to give further details.

Give America a raise,”” Obama declared.”

Give him more options on intermediate routes, let him actually throw the ball and get into some sort of rhythm.

Give him space, he’s going to knock down that shot.”

Give him to someone who could provide a much better life for him.

Give in to the magic of Christmas.

“Give St. John’s credit,” said Penguins coach John Hynes.

Give thanks for such abundance.

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Give us your money and your gold.’

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..”

God has promised to give us wisdom, if we will ask.

Good managers give thoughtful feedback, because they want to help you develop professionally.

Furthermore, you may have to give up a little control by giving them the power to make certain decisions.

Government lawyers declined to give interviews.

Guys have reached out to him and are willing to help him and give him an opportunity to help our team.

Give feedback or learn more about our updated design here.

Give your plants a stylish home with the Case Study Planter with Walnut Stand ($149-$189 at Room & Board).

Give yourself the relaxation piece of your choosing.

Give yourself time Andrew Bret Wallis via Getty Images Set aside a reasonable amount of time for the appointment.

Hamas has insisted it will never give up its weapons.

“He always wanted to give everybody a chance.”

He hasn’t even been able to give his side of the story yet.

“He has his computer running quite often,” said a teenage neighbor, who declined to give his name.

Her fatal beating forced her to prematurely give birth.

Henderson takes no credit for the toys; when a parent walks out of the room with a gift it’s theirs to give.

He said that he volunteered his time at the food bank to give back because he was a client as well.

“He’s going to give as much reassurance as he can with as little specificity as he can,” he says.

He then finds the words he needs to give him a chance of getting back home: I pray for peace.”””

He would do whatever I wanted but no, I don’t need him to give me a free ticket,”” Ken Cheveldayoff said.”

How is he going to take Crimea from Russia, against the wishes of its people, and give it to Ukraine?

How many stoners”” give away their “”stash””?”

Hours after the bailout was approved, the SRC voted to give Source4Teachers a $34 million contract.

I could not give her any medicine.”

However, we were able to extract that blood clot and give the brain oxygen, bringing it back to life.”

I don’t think it will work, as universities can claim they give athletes scholarships.”””

I encourage students to not give up on this role even if their future employer has a hierarchy in place.

I feel that I need to give something of me to the community, and this is my way of doing it,”” she said.”

If I had a choice to do Nashua (New Hampshire) zoning meetings or give up journalism, I’ll do it.”

If I had any talent God could give me, I would be a great diva,”” she said.”

If I’m in a position – which I am – to give Sally her life, then, why not?”””

I cannot and I will not give up my family,”” he said.”

If Scotland chooses to split from Britain, it could give other people ideas.

I didn’t want to give up the lead any time I was in. Today I was just being aggressive in the zone.”

If someone ‘Likes’ your post does that give you a boost?

I’d like to just give the world to the player and let the players take off and do whatever they want.”

I don’t give a damn about writing for posterity.”

I don’t have much more to give you or to offer you, but I want to share with you what I do have and what I love.

If there is a credit to be given, they give it away to others.

If you don’t have anything to give at that time, there’s nothing wrong with asking,”” said Hodges.”

If you truly enjoy the song, then you’ll be able to give a good performance.

I flew to Indianapolis to give a speech.

I give great weight to their views, and I believe it’s important for the American people to hear them.”

I give her her distance – I let her do her things, go off with her friends.

I give him the chance to have the control of the point almost all the time.”””

I have a lot of friends on the force, they don’t give jaywalking tickets.”””

I have even been told by my people that I can’t give any away because they have very few.”

I have the right to give the Syrian version here in this forum.

I have the right to give the Syrian version here in this forum.”

I have to give the Republicans credit for one thing in this election cycle.

I have to give you an interesting character who you can either root for or against.

If we can give more precise risk estimates,”” this may help women with their decisions, Rebbeck said.”

If you give this envelope to police, you’ll live.”

If you had to give a grade to the current state of US-German relations what grade would it be and why?

“If you hit all the fairways, you’re going to give yourself a lot of chances with your irons,” Pettersen said.

If you want to help the rhino give the money to anti-poaching efforts WITHOUT killing one of them.

I gave up the iconic Space Needle and ferry boats to give focus to the tree shadows slicing through the fog.

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