glass in a sentence

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After the ruling, Google said it has warned early Glass adopters to exercise caution.

All the glass broken will get recycled down and used in a public works project I’m planning at the moment.

And Joe’s Stone Crab mustard sauce is good enough to drink out of a glass.

As has been the case since Google began selling Glass to a select group in 2012, the device costs $1,500.

A small glass of red wine stands next to each plate.

Because it is so fine, this will degrade, and will need to be reapplied to the glass every two years.

Black-painted birdcages dangle from the ceiling, white stylized skulls stare up through glass tables.

Be sure to check out all the new pictures of the second-generation Google Glass at this link.

But recently Jenna injured her paw on broken glass and had to be taken to the vet.

But talk has been circulating about new materials such as sapphire glass being adapted for smartphones.

Corel, 69, was sitting in a glass box in the courtroom.

Dell brought over the glass trackpad from its XPS line of notebooks, which is slick and clicks nicely.

He was sentenced Friday for making the explosive device with 181 metal screws and bits of glass.

I’ll never wear a conventional Bluetooth headset, but I loved having phone conversations on Glass.

I make sure to keep my pour to 5 ounces per glass.”

In the city of Ashdod, a rocket hit a synagogue and three people were lightly hurt by shattered glass.

Keep it in a jar, mug, glass or piggy bank.

Moments later, he drove hard and finished off the glass, plus the foul and free throw.

My advice is to skip the overnight launch-day lines and wait for secondhand Glass to show up on Craigslist.

Nostalgia for an old-fashioned milk bottle Why did glass milk bottles disappear from British doorsteps?

One bullet hits the limo’s armored glass and another ricochets off, hitting Reagan in the abdomen.

Plexiglass was subsituted for glass.

Perhaps by the time this glass can be put to practical use, we’ll have created a way for it to heal itself.

Pretty obvious but someone would have slugged down a glass of boiling water and sued the county for millions.

Retired heritage consultant Reg Porter wrote a 75-page booklet on Trinity United’s stained glass windows.

That’s why I kind of followed through the way I did, to get his stick away from my face,”” Glass said.”

The investigation is continuing, but for this close family, more than glass and structure beams were shattered.

The laptop has a 13.5-inch display with 267 pixels per inch and features a track pad made of glass.

The S6 Edge+ has a curved flexible OLED display on a flexible plastic substrate while the Note 5 uses glass.

The stock sold off in July after an analyst questioned how much sapphire glass would be used in the new iPhone.

In 1964, the grandstand was enclosed in glass.

To give traumatized family members privacy, officials blacked out the glass later Tuesday evening.

We did a good job of taking care of the basketball, crashing the boards and keeping them off the glass.”””

We suggest getting a pair of old or cheap glasses and poking out the glass portion.

When should you take off Google Glass, rather than just turn it off?

When you drop a 5.5-inch plate of glass and metal on your face, you take it for the sign it is.

With Team USA short on big men this summer, Faried has played like a man possessed on the glass.

“Women are now seeing other women doing it and following suit but there is a glass ceiling at boardroom level.

“I could be 75 feet away from a drink-by-the-glass situation.”

“In particular, people love the fact we now take glass from the kerbside, meaning no more trips to the bottle bank.

“It’s the least French place I know in Paris,” he told me, gesturing at his glass mug of American-style filtered coffee.

“Members will be the ones who decide where the money goes,” said Glass.

“Sitting down and sharing a glass with somebody.

“That was the drop that spilled the glass,” said Bassan, sipping an espresso at a local café.

“The level of fiesta is quite extraordinary,” Luhrmann said, as he was handed a glass of Champagne to celebrate.

“When I worked for another glass company, I drove out to Thunderbird Farms to install glass for a customer.

• Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors, walls.

13. “I sliced my finger to the bone with a glass ashtray.

2. 0 Replacement rear glass cover for Samsung Galaxy S6?

2. Where are you on bringing back “Glass-Steagall?”

4. Arrange half of the cake pieces in the bottom of a glass serving bowl or dish (2 qt. size is sufficient).

A curved glass display was one of the marquee features of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, unveiled two days earlier.

A fifteen-year-old female left at home alone reported a male entered the residence through a glass sliding door.

A giant robotic arm, usually seen in manufacturing, is encased in glass quarters in the corner of the lobby.

A glass door with lock and three, solid slide-out stainless steel shelves per door are also included.

A glass front door to the building was shattered, but police do not believe the building suffered and structural damage.

A glass of vanilla soymilk has about 8 grams of sugar, which is equal to the amount found in three Starbursts.

A male officer was shot in the hand and another was hit in the face with flying glass.

A new and improved version of Glass is expected later this year.

A protective coating on the glass cracked on Wednesday, May 28, but officials say visitors were never in danger.

A regular speaker was Madison Hobley, who my fellow organizers first met on the other side of prison glass.

A sample glass of water taken from Lake Erie, near an intake facility providing water to Toledo, Ohio.

A second report will examine local alternatives to shipping glass containers out of Hawaii for recycling.

A shard of glass punctures her neck and Nadia is killed.

A white father and his two kids stopped and stared into the glass exhibit.

A woman holds a smartphone and several pairs of Google Glass devices on Sept. 12, 2014, in central London.

According to neighbors, a man got into a first floor apartment after kicking in the glass patio door.

According to the charging documents, Jacobson said he wanted a glass of water and something to eat.

Across town, trees were uprooted, glass was blown out of windows, and shingles came off the roof of a local church.

Additional amenities include a pool and an Arizona room: a semi-outdoor room with glass walls and flagstone floors.

Additionally, Nico has most of these wines available by the glass or bottle.

Advisory firm Glass Lewis & Co had recommended that May alone not be re-elected to the board because of bylaw change.

After passing the New York state bar exam, Glass in 2002 applied to practice law in that state.

After sipping a glass of champagne, try the ‘Tea-Tox,’ a unique health-focused high tea.

Alan Glass produced stars including Amy Winehouse Despite recording a few songs, none were released.

Alice Through the Looking Glass will continue at the Stratford Festival until October.

All bays are fitted with coloured stained glass.

All that was left was broken pottery, shattered glass and charred remains of priceless wooden pieces, she described.

All told, Washington finished a whopping +17 on the glass.

Almonds: Just one cup of almonds contains 243 milligrams of calcium, about the same as a glass of whole milk.

Although I missed my family, friends and having a glass of Raki looking at the Bosphorus, I never wanted to go back.

Amethyst glass has been made for hundreds of years by glass makers around the world.

An officer was hurt by broken glass and taken to a hospital.

And a “ganbei” and “ceremonial” slamming of the entire glass of baijiu accompanied each toast.

And at 1,379 feet tall, the glass building will also be the tallest of its kind in North America.

And Diane von Furstenberg has designed frames for Google Glass.

And don’t worry Uber users, you’re included too-show your receipt and get a free glass of wine.

And Google itself even states on its Glass FAQ: “Read up and follow the law!

And ordering from a glass pour list allows you to try these varying styles inexpensively.

And the glass allows for maximum entry of sunlight.

And the person in charge of the future of Glass?

And the woodwind sounds of Chardonnay cascading into a glass.

And then I made him drink a big glass of water with a bunch of lemon squeezed in it.

And then, the company released a glass for Coca-Cola.

Apple’s “spaceship” The circular building will be encased in 3,000 sheets of curved glass for unobstructed views.

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person?

As an example, let’s take a look at Google Glass.

As I reach for my water glass, it trembles, and me with it.

As much as those brightly colored plastic bowls are enticing, glass bowls are a better fit.

As of April 2014, Lee will have been using Glass for two years.

As the brewery itself says, it’s like “dark chocolate Reese’s in a glass!”

At an orientation event at Ryerson, first-year student Anthony Manella said he’ll have a glass of wine here and there.

At first only developers could buy Glass, but Google slowly expanded the program to include regular people.

At least now the pains of incompetence can be eased with a glass of wine.

At that point, we’re hoping what we’re working on at that time will be closed (by a roof or glass).”

At the Mall of the Emirates, 60-foot (18-meter) glass panels open up into a showroom with ficus trees and a skylight.

Baidu also has developed a wearable device called Baidu Eye, which is very similar to Google Glass.

Bars banning Google Glass Is this ‘Google Translate’ for music?

Behind glass at her restaurant, there are more entrees in a box, each flash-frozen and most priced below NT$300.

Behind the frosted-glass fronts Thomson, whose firm is called MTAP, has inserted giant letters: NO WAR.

Between 5:30 and 10 p.m., Vietti wines will be available by the glass, bottle or flight during dinner hours.

Blocks away is a restaurant called Globus, which is housed inside a glass orb.

Breaking that glass ceiling has been difficult here.

Breaking the glass ceiling means women to take risks.

Broken glass and debris litter the area around the scene.

Broken glass at the shooting scene Saturday.

Broken glass covered the sidewalk and the inside of the building.

Broken glass still covers the area where she landed.

Bubbles “flea-jump” out of the top of a champagne glass.

Bulky heavy colored glass, with a lot of polish.

But for other items– like glass, plastic and tin– he says it’s expensive and doesn’t really help the environment.

But one of them that we still have a great difference on, Madam Secretary, is that you are not for Glass-Steagall.

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