gradually in a sentence

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For some minutes she rolls in her bed, gradually opening her eyes for another day in the nordic wonderland.

I suggest gradually working towards four hours between meals and then see if you can go longer.

It happens gradually, and it takes practice every day.

The prices of these houses gradually increased and by the 1960s, became significant sources of white wealth.

“The situation is getting back to normal, but gradually,” al-Bayati told The Associated Press.

The still-festering finish dominated proceedings, but the conversation gradually turned toward the future.

These programs deserve to be expanded, just as our existing detention network should be gradually phased out.

Unlike other orbit captures that requiring thruster firings to slow down, Dawn gradually slipped into place.

We believe attitudes will change only gradually but we’ll have to wait and see.”””

With the help of on-the-job training and a pre-set curriculum, my speaking anxiety gradually went away!

“But it has gradually become part of living spaces as people’s acceptance and knowledge of graffiti art has grown.”

“Delphine has gradually learned to relax with us.

“From tomorrow (August 27), we will be gradually restarting production (at the affected plants in Tianjin).

“The figures show the Japanese economy is gradually heading for recovery,” Credit Suisse economist Takeshi Saito said.

“This report was a bit of a shock since it is not what is expected in a gradually tightening labor market.

After Gamescom, new game releases lull before gradually ramping up in September and into fall.

Also, because they have so short a time to make their point, they do not build gradually.

Also, Hayley gradually realizes she has her own unresolved issues from the fires and uses horse therapy on herself.

And when they’re in relatively small tanks, they gradually stop communicating.

And with something like kidney failure, it comes really gradually.

Armstrong said he expects that rate to increase gradually in 2015.

As the segment goes on it gradually turns to dark humor.

As the two hours dragged on, you gradually come to terms with that.

At the heart of the crisis is a cache of wiretapped conversations Zaev has been releasing gradually since January.

Auckland however gradually became the commercial capital.

Besides that, Carney has made it clear that even when rates rise, they will do so only gradually.

Beyond primary school, literacy and numeracy gradually transitions into imparting skills necessary to find a job.

Bush also tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” that he favors gradually raising the retirement age for Social Security.

But experts say the one-day shopping bonanza is gradually having less impact on its annual e-commerce sales.

But gradually it was improving, because where I didn’t have movement I started having little, to some.

But he said the meeting would push the churches to gradually advance relations.

But in the more likely case, the market will fall some more, bounce off its lows, then gradually start growing.

But over time, they have increased, reflecting a stabilizing and then a gradually improving economy.

But since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cossacks have gradually returned to popular favor in Russia.

But that gradually changed over the years.

But the relationship between the two countries has gradually normalized since the peace process of the 1990s.

”But there’s things we have to tweak on both sides of the ball, and we’ll gradually do that.’

But they will and then gradually spread southwards.

But things are gradually changing and other companies are looking to relocate or expand.

By 1957, the process was winding down gradually.

By the end of 1999, relations began to gradually improve.

Capital controls, although gradually relaxed, affect foreign banks that provided services to domestic customers.

China is gradually loosening controls on its currency and movements of capital.

During these negotiations, port operations have gradually slowed as each side seeks to put pressure on the other.

Fed officials emphasize that they plan to raise rates gradually, because the economy remains relatively weak.

Federal financial support will drop to 95 percent in 2017 and decrease gradually to 90 percent by 2020.

Feliz says he feels fine and is confident the velocity will come back gradually.

From Siberia, ancient people gradually crossed a now-vanished land bridge to Alaska.

Government forces, who say they are gradually tightening a noose around the rebels, denied responsibility.

Gradually add eggs, beating until well blended. 3. Stir together flour, almonds, cocoa and baking powder.

Gradually add in the sugar 2 cups at a time, scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl frequently.

Gradually and steadily, Azerbaijan’s criminal regime is further plunging into the swamp of crimes against humanity.

Gradually beat in the powdered sugar, then beat on medium high for 7 to 10 minutes, until very fluffy.

Gradually de-privatising is common sense, practical and uncostly.

Gradually growing populations, on the other hand, might also be good if they generate dynamism and economic growth.

Gradually he loses his voice, his body language, his facial expressions.

Gradually the theory that an end in terror is preferable to terror without end is gaining the upper hand.

Gradually this country is painting itself into the corner, retreating politically and economically.

Gradually, all the columns broke up into small groups.

Gradually, Blackford County’s Dundee became known as Roll.

Gradually, charges against other officers were dismissed.

Gradually, comedy was expanded to seven nights a week.

Gradually, he turned to poetry to give voice to his pain.

Gradually, the adjective “green” goes from an expletive to the green of money profit.

Gradually, there seemed to be less communication between the Bulls and their biggest star.

Gradually, they begin mimicking him — as he kneels, they sink toward the floor.

Gradually, they develop an unusual relationship.

Gradually, though, she forces herself to face the world.

Hand-loom cloth industry is also picking up gradually.

He expects economic growth to average about 2.5 percent next year, allowing the Fed to raise interest rates gradually.

Hold onto everything and gradually shed the items you didn’t realize you were missing during the experiment.

However, the attitude is gradually changing and she’s certain she will return in the future.

However, the head of the FAA says drones would be phased into the skies gradually.

I met Czaputowicz in 1989 as WiP was gradually coming to an end.

If possible, an alarm that increases in volume gradually is preferable over an obnoxious, earth-shattering alarm.

If the motorist doesn’t slow to the speed limit, the automatic braking system kicks in, gradually slowing the vehicle.

If this illegal practice is not stopped, gradually Tanzania could easily end up with a wasteland of ocean, he says.

Improvements to positive-pressure ventilators gradually led to iron lungs being relegated to medical museums.

In West Virginia, the minimum will increase gradually to $8.75 by 2016.

Instead, they develop gradually over the course of a few months.

Israel recently passed a contentious law aiming to gradually increase ultra-Orthodox enlistment.

It also knows to dim the light gradually the longer you are in a dark room, as your eyes naturally adjust.

It gradually lost market share to South Korea, China, the Philippines and other countries.

It was a gradual process – gradually my comfort zone expanded.

It was filled with sizzling plasma – superheated gas – that gradually cooled.

Italian anticlericalism gradually faded away in San Francisco.

Jacinda Hodder, 25, from Port au Bras, started gradually losing her motor skills two decades ago.

Judy’s condition gradually declined, ending in her death in 2011.

Just gradually, as soon as I tasted it, this, just bloom of sweetness and this silk on the tongue – the silk pajamas.”

Latest weather BBC Scotland Weather Latest Largely cloudy with a rain band gradually spreading south eastwards today.

Law enforcement sources told CNN that he appears to have radicalized gradually in the years since his conversion.

LG, Sony, HTC, and even Samsung are all gradually falling in line and dancing to Google’s tune.

Like everything else it must be evolved gradually.

Ménage sex gradually brings the triad together-until Cinthe’s fairy wings sprout.

Once in their land they could bleed us gradually for many years in expensive, “no win” to us, wars.

Only through this would Japan think about gradually reducing the debt-to-GDP ratio,” he told reporters.

Over just two years, the man’s disorder had “gradually become completely disabling,” the man’s father reported.

People can be heard shouting off-camera as the two vessels gradually crash.

Perform for 15-30 seconds to begin and gradually increase to 2-3 minutes.

Police and protesters will gradually withdraw from Kyiv’s streets.

Putin believes these rebels are his ticket to gradually acquiring eastern Ukraine without a Russian military invasion.

Questions can include “How can I gradually get back into sexual activity?”

Rosetta will gradually reduce its height, entering gravitational orbit in September.

‘Routine maintenance’ Gradually, however, the National Park Service put the status of the vessel on a new course.

Sanctions must be lifted gradually and only as Iran complies.

Sieren’s China: Researching traffic jams After a forced pit stop, China’s auto market is gradually picking up again.

So far Cyprus has had four positive programme reviews and restrictions on transactions have been gradually eased.

Some 70 people gradually gather around Distelmans.

Stalin’s name and likeness have gradually been reintroduced into the story-and into the streets of Russian cities.

Start at a low dose and increase gradually with a maximum dose of five tablespoons daily.

Start at a slow speed and then gradually increase it.

Sweden has gradually cut income taxes for the employed by up to $330 a month.

Symptoms usually develop gradually over years.

Takata and its contract suppliers have been gradually ramping up shipments of replacement parts to automakers.

The bank pays rent for the rest, gradually acquiring the remaining shares.

The bill authorizes $400 million for that next year, gradually increasing to $1 billion in the last year of the bill.

The ceilings or Eurotariff gradually decreases every year.

The central bank also said it anticipates inflation will decline further before starting to rise gradually.

The central hour counter gradually fades away to reveal the minute marks.

The department said it will continue to monitor the situation and it expects that conditions will gradually improve.

The elders will gradually disappear naturally.

The embellishment has gradually worked its way into the game over time, and slowly people have become adjusted to it.

The exhibition gradually leads visitors to 1989 and shows how change came about in different countries.

The fear is that developing economies might be left high and dry as the Fed gradually turns off the taps this year.

The government has plans to gradually increase the annual total intake to 18,750 places by 2018-19.

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