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Coach Grant Bradburn, whose side start their campaign against New Zealand on 17 February, praised both players.

Collins, 67, is involved in a contentious divorce with Grant.

Corey Grant has topped 80 rushing yards in both games.

Dixie L. Lilly, 67, of Point Pleasant, was taken to Grant Medical Center in Columbus, but died from her injuries.

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Food stamps aren’t the only programs that get wrapped into the grant.

For Michael Obediah, who has multiple sclerosis, that talent is writing grant proposals for the theater.

Gillmor said she didn’t have sufficient information to grant the request, which was filed Monday.

Hoxie said he coached “Katie,” a freshman at Grant High School, in junior high volleyball.

I am truly hoping that the city will see fit to provide The Loveland Initiative with the Community Block Grant.

I heard Raspberry’s voice again this week when I talked to a 27-year-old black man named Juan Grant.

It is also said to grant immortality”” to its host.”

In contrast, the Oil and Gas Commission has the ability to grant short-term approvals on its own.

It is understood the Highways Agency has also applied for a grant to improve Junction 5 of the M2.

It’s applying for a $500,000 grant to pay for it.

I’ve always learned that you, the Caliph can grant amnesty.

Maybe he will rely instead on a grant from a nonprofit or perhaps a bank will issue him a low-interest loan.

Most colleges provide additional grant assistance based on Pell Grant eligibility.

Neither of them seemed to grant that “yes” and “no” are not the only possible answers to such a question.

“Obviously it was fantastic news to get the grant and I think the cadets morale was better as a result.

Oiled birds should be reported to the Canadian Wildlife Service, Grant said.

SI’s Grant Wahl and Brian Straus are in Manaus ahead of the USA vs. Portugal game.

Some of the grant programs she has successfully applied for have been set up exclusively for women.

Taking ballet lessons, Grant appeared on stage at the Metropolitan Opera as a dancer at age four.

The board did not grant the area village status, saying it could cause confusion”” for residents.”

The city and club have 24 months from the time of the grant award to complete the project.

The day after, Redford announced a $50,000 grant for the city to study sinkholes.

The convention centre has also received a $51-million grant from the city for the construction work.

The emphasis patrol is paid for by a grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

The end came when Grant Green grounded a two-out RBI single up the middle.

The NIH also plans to train grant recipients and its own staff on designing studies without sex bias.

The project is eligible for a One North Carolina Fund grant of up to $300,000.

The project is funded by a $325,000 federal grant with money obtained from fines levied on polluters.

The system comes after a $54,000 federal grant.

They must conform to the government line or they don’t get their grant money.

This grant is going to help lawyers help the needy in our society.”””

This year, only 500 homes received the grant, down from 1,000.

Traffic will also be restricted on Wascana Parkway and Grant Road for two months starting on Monday.

Ultimately the planning committee decided by seven votes to three to grant the scheme for a 25-year period.

But he had much more to say in a statement released a short time later Despite today’s refusal to grant our motion.

?????? thank you to my future husband Grant..

‘‘Coaches come in all shapes, sizes and forms, you know,’’ said Grant, 86. ‘‘They don’t have to fit into a mold.’

“Although it is usually a planned grant, it certainly is there to help organisation like the sea cadets.

“As such, she made a number of errors that showed a lack of knowledge of grant management.

“Either they grant asylum or they issue a deportation order.”

“He was only going by the wind currents,” Grant said.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll feel it’s much easier to get the grant,” he said to laughter from the media.

“I’m very excited and very interested to hear what state officials have to say,” said Principal Hope Grant.

“There are only a handful of people of color at Grant Elementary School.”

“These guys are like everyone else,” explained facility supervisor Mike Grant.

“We’re very fortunate to receive this grant,” Li said.

” According to Plunkett, the two-year grant will allow Sun Life to reach an additional 1,500 patients a year.

• A grant of $1,090 was given to the Dolly Goodpuppy Society to offer low cost options for sterilizing local animals.

• Dr. Grant Tibbetts has been named medical director for the Olympia office on Lilly Road.

• Napier Field will use a $350,000 grant to replace aging sewer lines.

13. Consider the approval of bills for payment. 14. TxDOT Road Grant Work Session.

1995 Phil and Grant discover Sam in bed with David.

A 45 day comment cycle came and went with no negative comments, yet the FCC didn’t grant the waiver until now.

A council vote on the grant Monday is expected to be postponed because of the controversy.

A decision on a federal grant application, to cover the cost of the work, is expected in September.

A dollar that NIH gives out in a grant returns more than two dollars within a year to the local economy.

A grant from a foundation will pay for the grave markers.

A grant of more than a half million dollars will make it possible to implement trail improvements throughout the city.

A grant to study at the Royal Academy of Music earned her a ticket to London.

A motive wasn’t clear for the shooting, which happened about 10:10 a.m. in the 15100 block of Grant Avenue Southwest.

A state library grant made the program available.

About $400,000, in a grant funded by taxpayers like us, will pay for this revamped parking lot/recreational park.

According to Grant and Zhang, the new approach is the best one yet.

According to Grant, once the territory’s analysis is complete, the changes would still require cabinet approval.

According to the News, the victim, Tanaya Grant, died at Brookdale University Hospital.

After Grant lost his two jobs, the couple stayed with friends and family.

Alabama’s Anthony Grant played one of the nation’s toughest non-conference schedules (seventh-best).

Alastair Grant, AP Andy Murray lines up a backhand.

All costs not covered by grant would be financed.

Also Monday night, KGW, the NBC affiliate in Portland, revealed another police report Grant filed in 2009.

American Samoans have challenged federal laws and policy that decline to grant citizenship.

An additional $250 million in grant money would also be made available to the program.

An average individual-assistance grant amounts to about $2,000, the state Department of Military has said.

And the city has applied for a grant to purchase body cameras.

Angus King and Susan Collins, and U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, announced the grant on Monday.

Another open house on the proposed changes is set for Thursday from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the Grant-Harvey Centre.

Another state grant from WSDOT is helping bring a new sidewalk near the school district on the south side of 9th Street.

As organizational psychologist Adam Grant wrote, the test has no predictive power and gives inconsistent results.

As part of the grant’s stipulation, a good portion of the trail will be handicapped accessible.

As well, a $200,000 grant will help support the Kananaskis Mountain Festival for 2014.

Asotin County Commissioners gave permission to the prosecuting attorney’s office to apply for the grant Monday.

Associated Press writer Grant Peck in Bangkok contributed to this report.

Associated Press writers Angela Chen in Hong Kong and Grant Peck in Bangkok contributed to this report.

Associated Press writers Grant Peck and Jocelyn Gecker contributed to this report.

At every turn, Lee, sought to repel the shifting Union forces and vex Grant’s bid for a quick victory.

At only 14 months old, Grant Thompson’s liver was failing.

At the same time, grant funds will also end on June 30, 2015.

At the same time, it also shows how bare the offensive cupboard is without Grant.

Aurora and I also got a grant to study the prevalence of Buddy-itis (if you will), which is largely asymptomatic.

Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well.

Biden was most recently with the law firm Grant & Eisenhofer.

Bihm receives grant to preserve psychology materials.

BioCryst did not comment on the grant Wednesday but highlighted the Ebola link in its announcement.

Blackburn was trailing 2-1 when Grant Hanley’s effort easily crossed the line before it was cleared by Jamie O’Hara.

Bond Team of 2064 Hand-picked by Senior Tutor Elmore Grant.

Braun believes the department could hear back about the grant as early as next week.

Brazil, Russia and India will grant pay in 18 billion dollars each; South Africa five billion.

Breakfast hosted by Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson and Grant.

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant last week said there was “no support for a council discussion on that issue.”

But before the judge could tell the jury he would grant the request, the panel sent out a note saying it was deadlocked.

But Green Bay outscored Seattle 28-3 the rest of the half as Grant ran effortlessly through the snow for 201 yards.

But he owned the company, was the managing partner, and signed the grant application, she said.

But politicians operate in a system that might not grant them the power to change much, analysts say.

But Prof Riordan said it “would add cost to the tuition fee grant in ways that could become quite unsustainable”.

But SU went to work down low behind Fair and Grant, who had eight points and seven rebounds in the half.

But the Interior Ministry has yet to grant his wish.

But the judge said she would grant the government’s motion to dismiss the case.

But the value of the user is still higher on iOS,” says Grant Cohen, who runs the Chirp mobile ad-buying service.

Calista Flockhart of “Ally McBeal” fame returns to TV as Kara’s boss, another DC Comics character, Cat Grant.

CGI UK is receiving a £3.2m Welsh government grant to support the jobs, which will be created five-years.

Charleston coach Earl Grant said it forced them to rely more on perimeter scoring.

City Councilor Caleb Grant said no business owners on the two streets in the current proposal support the renaming.

Clooney directed the film – and wrote the script with Grant Heslov – plus plays the crew’s leader, Lt. Frank Stokes.

Commissionare Wayne Grant says his hours were cut back after the province received a language complaint.

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said the TV debates could go ahead if the Greens were included.

Contact Grant Martin The author is a Forbes contributor.

Cooper and Branco are named with Jeffrey D. Martin and Anthony Grant Granito in a 60-count indictment filed Wednesday.

Courts are able to exercise their complete and ordinary discretion, Grant said.

Courts typically only grant anonymity under special circumstances, such as when a child is involved, Vernick says.

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