grass in a sentence

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Attractions include brightly colored homes (some with grass roofs), rugged coastline and pristine fjords.

But this year’s drought means there is no grass for his cows to eat.

Coastal Bermuda grass, sorghum for forage and grain, and corn remained in good condition.

Go Native: Dwarf gamma grass vs Liriope.

Her farming techniques include planting a type of grass for her animals that grows in just six days.

He was cultivating special types of grass at the project, according to local residents and officials.

“I cut my grass just the other day and I thought it was funny that he hadn’t come out to mow.

I think it has been a worse grass season this year,”” said Stark.”

It should be grass stains, not blood.”

I was in the backyard and got to the last final strip of grass,”” said Angie’s List Senior Writer, Lacey Nix.”

“Letting grass sit wet all night exacerbates dew-point conditions and sets you up for disease and mildew.”

Many of us stop watering our lawns during summer allowing the grass to go dormant.

On my very first tee-off kick, I slipped on dewy grass and fell on my behind.

• Purchasing fresh grass-fed and free-range meat, fish and seafood can be pricey.

She dragged herself toward the grass she had seen the cattle eat.

The birds had beaten the grass down in the pens to bare dirt.

The enthusiasm and energy of his grass-roots supporters have grown weak.

The fire is burning in brush and tall grass.

The Sacajawea Blue Grass Festival brings hundreds of people from all over to play and listen to blue grass bands.

The small backyard was half patio, half turf, with a lonely fruit tree standing in the middle of the grass.

They are doing maintenance works like weeding, grass cutting,”” said city council official Leah Oyake.”

“They say where he walks, the grass never grows,” Galeano writes.

We are going to do the grass-court season and we will talk after that,”” Mauresmo said.”

We give billions to illegals what is wrong with this guy getting some free money (grass to graze).

Amidst the grass a cairn has been built.

WhatchaTalkingBoutWillis 5pts Don’t let your children eat or pick the yellow grass in the parks.

It has 7 hardcourts and a grass court area.

“From a grass-roots level, that has influenced bolder thinking at the policy level, which tends to take more time.”

“I like to play on grass and I don’t know why, but I often play my best tennis at this tournament.”

“It’s as though every square foot of grass or not built up land is being devoured by housing..

“Wheat grass juice is nature’s finest medicine.

23 hours News San Diego police combed the grass of Bonita Cove Park and found close to 20 razor blades.

7) Allow grass to dry between watering to promote deeper root growth. 8) Cut your lawn to 2 ½ – 3 inches.

A frigid wind blew mist across the pampa as vicuñas grazed on yellowed tufts of coarse grass.

A mallard duck waddles through the grass at Toogood Pond in Unionville, Ontario.

A month or so later, here we are at Queen’s Club – and off to a winning start on the grass.

A rare species of grass may be found in the ledges.

A separate children’s menu is available as is Prairie Grass Cafe’s regular menu.

A wide expanse of grass and tiny lavender daisies edged the pretty creek next to plateaus of glacier-scraped rock.

A wide swath of grass was scraped away in the median.

After that, customers could choose from grass-fed butter or the vegan option of coconut oil.

All the other grass surface that encompasses the field, the outfield, will all be replaced with natural grass,” he said.

Although the only major damage was burnt asphalt and grass, Etheredge says fire’s like these can be prevented.

And that grass and garden is beautiful and it adds to the community, but to me, this pavement was my community.

And while the grass is better than it has been, it was an issue against the Dolphins.

Authorities said that fire began when a fallen power line sparked a grass fire.

Baroch, our ostensible tour guide, had us sit in the grass with a clear view of the Washington Monument.

Bermuda grass pastures were in the best condition seen for years.

Both sand and grass soccer fields are available.

But after sliding to the grass in the end zone at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night, that’s exactly what happened.

But I feel that at the level we’re at and above, it should be played on grass.

But if we can manage the numbers, the eel grass will respond favourably in turn,” he said.

But the grass is uneven, and Rose didn’t think the ball moved.

Chile forward Eduardo Vargas slides on the grass after scoring the game’s opening goal.

Ching Cho is also known as the Green Grass Monk.

Civil Beat described dogs waiting for their owners and kids playing in the grass while their parents packed up.

Class 29 raised money through grass-roots efforts, including the project’s website, bucktruck.

Conditions have been dry this year, and lightning strikes have been linked to grass fires and forest fires.

Culture Minister Monika Gruetters said Grass “like few others, was a critically corrective voice in democracy”.

Don’t let rubbish build up around the property and keep grass and hedges cut.

Drive a truck Fake grass has to be watered quite a bit at first to weigh it down, and then regularly to keep it clean.

Dry grass, low humidity and strong winds are a firefighters nightmare in the summer.

‘Eating grass to survive’ What is Geneva II?

Elliott wants the RCMP to track down and charge those responsible for tearing up the grass in the park.

Even more significantly, it was the world No. 3’s first title on grass since his historic Wimbledon triumph in 2013.

Even take the Derby out of the picture: The Blue Grass is a great race on a horse’s resume to go stand at stud.

Experts also note homeowners who do find themselves with a grass fire should act quickly, and call 911 first.

Fescue grass is particularly vulnerable during winter, and does not do well with heavy traffic.

Firefighters have extinguished the 15×100 foot grass fire.

Food wrappers and other garbage covered the grass at Wascana Park near the Legislative Building on Thursday morning.

Giant bamboos are the largest members of the grass family.

Golf is not supposed to be about the color of grass.

Grass grows through the cracks of a broken sidewalk and weeds cover an empty lot where a row house once stood.

Grass lawns and palm trees line swimming pools, bungalows, and a go-kart track.

Grass, however, hasn’t been the Swiss player’s best surface.

Grass, who died Monday at age 87, often angered his fellow citizens by reminding them of their shared Nazi past.

Grass-fed butter has also been shown to boost metabolism, Bach says.

Guzzwell said the red spots on Strawberry Shortcake’s legs should help make her stand out in the green grass.

He chose to play through instead of taking relief in the trampled down grass, down below, outside the tent.

He has pictures of what the yard looked like not hidden by grass.

He lost in the first round of Queen’s Club last week, after winning on grass in Stuttgart the previous week.

He told the newspaper he did not see anyone lying on the grass nearby, so he knew the driver was still in the vehicle.

He was looking for pili grass to repair his house.

Here are tips for keeping the spark alive: 1. Realize that the grass is not always greener.

Hidden by tall grass, Malkowski moved stealthily toward his target, adrenaline coursing through his body.

His work included grass maintenance and burial services.

Hofman’s enormous yet adorable Moon Rabbit lies on a grass roof bunker, gazing at the moon.

However, grazing soon destroyed the fragile grass.

However, this time, the grass will not need federal approval before it can be field-tested and marketed.

Hsieh found that out the hard way in 2010 when an insect infestation killed the grass on all the greens.

I came here pretty early to try and play on the grass courts.

I controlled, I grabbed her by the shoulders and I brought her down into the grass away from the pavement.

I have counseled of the Gen U who found that the grass really was greener “inside the corporate tower.”

I know players in other tournaments with natural grass have complained about the quality of the surfaces there.

I remember being very young, lying on the grass, looking at the sky, and just feeling connected to everything God made.

I was warming up for the long jump and I saw a javelin lying on the grass.

If it weren’t for that grass, we wouldn’t have any of those things that are currently on the island.

If not removed, the grass will be smothered.

If you can grow lawn grass, Pot is even easier to grow.

In local council elections yesterday, England’s long-suffering grass-roots voters finally rose up.

In one suburb, Yarmouk, people told me they survived only by eating grass and weeds.

In the United Kingdom, about 2 percent of horses die from grass sickness each year, the researchers said.

It also has toppled trees and burned a shed, tires and grass.

It combines advertising, grass-roots organizing and voter data to help its chosen candidates compete.

It costs $5,000 for grass cutting, insurance, and maintenance.

It is a simple, round, mud-walled grass hut with no electricity.

It is a synthetic artificial grass turf field.

It is also not uncommon to mix grass seeds.

It is one of the few (at this time) butchering venues for grass fed beef and swine.

It was a very awkward chip from that Bermuda grass, close to the water.

It’s a grass-covered head fitted with a nozzle and two large crystal eyes and is actually the entrance to a museum.

Its characteristic vegetation is savanna scrub and grass.

It’s splendor in the grass — eel grass.

It’s the grass-roots, definitely not at our level.

It’s unclear, at press time, exactly how much shiny confetti is still tangled in the one-month-old grass.

Just drove home down Flowery and there were two deer munching away on the grass.

Kate remembers waking up in the grass in the yard of a vacant home and discovered she was bleeding from her neck.

Keith Price is right at home riding on the river of grass.

Last weekend, some dozen little houses appeared on a big patch of dirt and trampled grass in Colorado Springs.

Lean, grass-fed beef is a much smarter choice, he says.

Let’s face it, grass doesn’t grow that well way up north in Washington.

Let’s go over and poach those’ instead of having their own grass-roots campaign to identify new donors,” Kumer said.

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