in a way that in a sentence

People often create pressure in (or experience pressure from) others to communicate in a way that matches their style, so that a boss who talks to his staff as a controlling parent will often engender self-abasement or other childlike responses.

I understand his point in a way.

What he said is, in a way, true.

Please write in a way that concretely conveys the question.

Our teachers say ours is the best school in the state, and in a way, it is.

The course is set up in a way to improve students’ communicative and academic skills.

Serge Gainsbourg once joked that ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts.

Serge Gainsbourg once stated that ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts.

The course is structured in a way to improve students’ communicative skills, in addition to their academic skills.

The union is working with administrators in an attempt to reconcile their two very different agendas in a way that is acceptable to both parties.

Bruce Sterling once said that in a way, staring into a computer screen is like staring into an eclipse.

It’s brilliant, and you don’t realize the damage until it’s too late.

When children have difficulty understanding a certain mathematical process, it is often because their teachers do not understand it conceptually themselves and do not present it in a way that children can understand.

If you feel charmed in a way, then it’s a good shot,” says James Bent.

I’m not seeing that in a way that I wish that I could see it,” he said.

She becomes a real object of desire in a way that is hopefully comical.”

It could have been a totally different story and we are lucky, in a way.

She just keeps on proving her icon status in a way that no one else can.

CMP denies that the videos have been edited in a way to manipulate facts.

I found myself part of a community in a way that I had never felt before.

But now he’s told a major story in a way that might not otherwise be told.

They essentially lose a guy, in a way rather than just dropping everybody.

The outspoken pair has succeeded, but in a way no one could have imagined.

“The question is ‘Can you do it in a way that’s going to engage consumers?’

You have to attack the criminals, but not in a way that undermines the idea.

“I can’t say that he answered that in a way that is intellectually coherent.

And not so many riders have the ability and that makes her fortunate in a way.

But in a way, we too are Holocaust deniers, so long as it isn’t our Holocaust.

Experts say yes, but in a way that avoids blame and creates a teachable moment.

190665 DipJar, he said, “can generate more tips in a way that’s not intrusive.”

“I was looking at how to get into the story in a way that wasn’t a typical biopic.

But, in a way common on these networks, the avant-garde on Vine is always changing.

“To be able to negotiate in a way that fits the environment is important,” Yu says.

She’s much different than I had in my head, but kind of better, in a way,” she said.

The resulting material blends pop and chamber music in a way he’s never tried before.

Photographer Ines Dumig said she made her images in a way that fragments the subject.

Audience members were eying one another in a way I’ve never seen in a theater setting.

I usually find the guys so disgusting or dominating in a way that is so condescending.

The Porsche is a great car but the Shelby radiates coolness in a way few other cars do.

The Germans, Carter said, “helped us in a way I can never reveal publicly to the world.”

Bloom continued, These types of things end up becoming almost a rallying cry in a way.”

121826 But certain people choose to interpret Islam in a way that does hold women back.”

“That’s what I’m trying to put together in a way that I can explain it and I can sell it.

They just want to do it in a way that is not perceived as ‘This clinic is selling tissue.

“It’s wonderful to find something like this because it personalizes that voyage in a way.

He and I were children of the civil-rights movement and, in a way, grew up in it together.

Cuddling with Morris seemed to comfort the grieving family in a way that nothing else did.

56109 And they influence the legislature in a way that’s really hard to imagine, he said.”

And we can do this in a way that is smart and cost effective and protects civil liberties.”

Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated.

This shooting has made me angry in a way that is unlike my anger towards previous incidents.

I’ll try to put this in a way that can get through to you, given how much you are struggling.

Undoubtedly, in a way, the armed forces have a role, and they have to be on a state of alert.

But Treyarch’s decision actually makes sense for the series in a way it might not for others.

Somebody in the administration described the events in a way that turned out to be inaccurate?

But he’s balancing it in a way that is both tactful and admirable to everyone in the industry.

He really did successfully combine function with beauty in a way the world hadn’t seen before.

Aurthur of BuzzFeed took a different tack, writing her piece in a way that was gender neutral.

Mobile carriers in the U.S. tend to implement data caps in a way that monetizes them, she said.

They serve extraordinary ideas in a way that is easy to digest, understand and take action upon.

Apple Watch wants to provide an iPhone level of engagement in a way “that’s a little more human.”

My concern is whether it would go into effect in a way that would change our lives for the better.

They want to fight (ISIS) in a way which is not going to harm the Syrian government,” Churkin said.

Tanzania has taken care of us in a way that is beyond explanation, said Justina Francis of Mishamo.

934202 When you speak out of frustration and anger, one can say things in a way that you don’t mean.

It is possible to overcome poverty in a way that respects the Earth and helps tackle climate change.

People want the information, but they want to be given it in a way to make their own risk decisions.

It’s even worse when a service you’re used to suddenly gets socialized in a way that is unavoidable.

We’re pulling back the curtain on reality TV for the first time in a way the audience has never seen.

And that enables Melissa Rosenberg to tell a story in a way that just isn’t feasible on broadcast TV.

Sandra’s journey is visceral, immediate, proceeding straight from the heart in a way that is timeless.

They expect to handle adversities in a way that leads to the best possible outcome.

Writing of what he knew at first-hand, Marryat could be allusive in a way which later writers could not emulate.