independently in a sentence

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Find someone who lives independently of his/her parents.

Small traders who get a license can now work independently in Cuba.

After the bushfires, we have independently decided to call off this year’s fireworks display.

Although he has been blind since birth, he has a good job, and is able to live independently.

The truly remarkable feature of sound production by birds is that the two sides of the syrinx can act independently.

My teacher always emphasized to me that what was most important was not always getting the right answer, but rather learning to think independently.

Studies show that for older people, regular physical activity helps maintain the ability to live independently, and reduces the risk of falling and fracturing bones.

Some people believe that life only really begins when a baby can exist independently of its mother, so a fetus cannot really be considered a human being until that time.

In biology, the wings of an insect and a bird are considered analogous in that they developed independently as adaptations to the common function of enabling flight.

Working independently, the English scientist Isaac Newton and the German mathematician Gottfried W.

Leibniz both discovered the branch of mathematics known as calculus.

683022 The Associated Press could not independently verify the video.

NBC News has not independently verified the authenticity of the letter.

683019 The Associated Press could not independently verify either video.

Reuters could not independently verify the protest and security response.

746931 The members are mostly (but not all) independently owned properties.

The BBC has not independently seen or verified the authenticity of the letter.

The authenticity of the recording could not be verified independently by the AP.

910011 We live independently in our own flat within the house where my Mum lives.

683021 The Associated Press could not independently verify the messages’ contents.

Though the program has the police department’s blessing, it operates independently.

It owns Moosehead Breweries Ltd., the oldest independently owned brewery in Canada.

It has proceeded independently of the local investigation that concluded in November.

ABC News has not independently confirmed the veracity of the video with the snowplow.

How do you feel about independently produced and distributed original Science Fiction?

Editorials are written by a staff of editors who operate independently from the newsroom.

It couldn’t be independently verified that the casings had any link to Saturday’s shooting.

The CMI brands will continue to operate independently under their current management teaMs.
He says that without a Speaker, the Senate would likely organize itself to act independently.

Officials put IS casualties at dozens of dead, but that could not be independently confirmed.

Individual projects were monitored, but they weren’t independently or scientifically evaluated.

It was unclear whether Cameron was offering to boost these operations or to help independently.

It was not immediately possible to independently verify the conflicting reports in the village.

It also called for allegations of rape, abuse and mistreatment to be independently investigated.

It should have been possible for Erdely to identify the trio independently, the review concluded.

Over and over, you will learn to make decisions independently and become more decisive as you grow.

Permalink Flag Ryan Mac, Forbes Staff 14 hours ago Actually that was an independently reported fact.

Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the email messages and internal documents.

She accumulated several rental properties, becoming independently wealthy.