keep going in a sentence

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FONDA: I think I answered how I keep going in the previous question.

“I think I was always going to carry on and keep going professionally.

I grew up in St Boniface, so we have to keep going with the tradition.

Of course, if you’ve done it once, you’ll know why we keep going back.

But then you have to just keep pushing and work harder to keep going up.”

We just have to keep going at it, Costner told the Lovely County Citizen.

Windh with her “saviours” – the three men who encouraged her to keep going.

Or should people be left free to keep going to where they really want to go?

Allow the frustration to propel you to keep going when the going gets rough.

“All I know is I keep going up to the plate and they keep throwing behind me.

Then when you are tempted to quit, he or she can encourage you to keep going.

To the left again and keep going, please find out if you’re on a swivel chair.

ZUK will keep going (as is) in the future, because it’s independent of Lenovo.

“Terrorism is like a cancer, and if we do not deal with it, it will keep going.

I saw the car just keep going and it looked like it took off faster, said Johnson.

It doesn’t take too long and you get back into the swing of things and keep going.”

Just keep going after it, just keep attacking – that’s all you can do, Gibbons said.

So I choose to keep going, to be an advocate for ending the stigma around mental illness.

He radiates pluck and purpose, a conviction that what matters is the drive to keep going.

I just think to myself that there’s no one there and I keep going straight ahead, she says.

The reception at the Spa also may also have played a part in Zayat’s decision to keep going.

I spoke to the players at half time and told them to keep going, try to score more, he added.

Then there are those who argue this is just a healthy blip and that stocks will keep going up.

If you go once, you just get sore muscles, but if you keep going, you’ll get stronger over time.

Somehow with the harsh details and intense choice of words, the reader is given enough to keep going.