Middle East in a sentence

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The Middle East is the cradle of civilization.

My mother objected to my going to the Middle East.

Supply of oil from the Middle East may be disturbed.

Japan depends on the Middle East for % of oil it consumes.

No one knows whether there will be a war in the Middle East.

Professor, what do you think of the situation in the Middle East?

Iran is potentially the largest producer of oil in the Middle East.

The current situation in the Middle East is a time bomb of tensions.

A visit to Mecca was the climax of his pilgrimage in the Middle East.

Settled village life began in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago.

Oil is the source of many of the battles plaguing the Middle East.

Israel has a qualitative edge in the power struggles of the Middle East.

The Middle East supplies a major portion of the oil that Japan consumes.

She caught some kind of strange disease while she was working in the Middle East.

The brown rat was once native to the Middle East, but has since colonized the world.

Venezuela possesses more proven oil reserves than any country outside the Middle East.

A peace settlement in the Middle East would be a major triumph for American diplomacy.

Striking dock workers have refused to load the shipment of wheat bound for the Middle East.

His studies in religion have given him a lot of insight into the conflict in the Middle East.

Islam is the principal religion of the Middle East, Asia, and of the northern half of Africa.

The United Nations has convened a special meeting to deal with the conflict in the Middle East.

Egypt often acts as neutral ground and negotiator in conflicts between nations in the Middle East.

The President has called an emergency meeting to discuss the latest development in the Middle East crisis.

Bermuda has the highest per capita income in the world, except for the oil-producing countries of the Middle East.

The geographic location of Israel in the Middle East makes it of extreme strategic importance to the United States.

The atmosphere in the Middle East has been described as volatile, and observers are fearing a renewal in the conflict.

Before the civil war began in Lebanon in 1975, Beirut was considered by many to be the financial center of the Middle East.

In the most lucrative bank robbery in history, the British Bank of the Middle East was robbed of an estimated $50 million in 1976.

The biggest bank robbery in history occurred on January 22, 1976, when men stole $50 million from a British bank in the Middle East.

There are reports out of the Middle East of a worsening in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israeli settlers on the West Bank.

Iron began to replace bronze as the metal used for weapons and other implements in the Middle East beginning in around 1200 B.


The situation in the Middle East continues to be extremely volatile, with suicide bombings and government reprisals a weekly occurrence.

The Russian President flew to Washington this morning to confer with the American President on the crisis developing in the Middle East.

The chances for peace in the Middle East seem increasingly remote now that talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have broken off.

My dad served with the U.N. in the Middle East as part of Denmark’s contribution to the U.N. peacekeeping force.

The Middle East nation of Oman has long followed a moderate, independent foreign policy in order to maintain good relations with all its neighbors.

Because of its strategic location, Sri Lanka has attracted traders, conquerors, and colonizers from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe throughout its history.