news on about in a sentence

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Have you heard the latest news about the war?

His face was quite grim when he gave us the bad news about the accident.

Grandma loves the Queen, and reads absolutely every little fragment of news about her.

The nervous father was pacing about the room waiting for the doctor to give him the news about his new baby.

Fifteen percent of Americans say they follow news about U.S. relations with other countries ” very closely,” another 50 percent follow it “somewhat closely,” while 34 percent admit to not following it closely at all.

869643 “Tragically I got the news about five o’clock yesterday,” he said.

Experts who spoke to CBC news about the videos raised concerns about how the teens were set up.

The good news about that is, when you have divided government, everybody has a say in it, he said.

746602 The media is always plastered with news about how healthy chocolate is for you,”” he said.”

“Obviously most recently the news about the children and other refugees drowning has been devastating.

He heard the news on the radio.

I watched the news on TV after supper.

They hadn’t listened to the news on the radio.

Thus, they were unaware of the approaching storm.

I always feel depressed after watching the news on television because of all the war and starvation in the world.

My son keeps waking up in the middle of the night crying.

He’s been having nightmares about war ever since he watched the news on television.

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419387 It’s very, very potent, Chochinov told CBC news on Thursday.”

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Watch: The day’s news on KMTV Click here for more news from Sevenoaks.

Good news on strengthening citizens rights & fair deal for enterprises.

The picture of the ISIS person has been in the news on previous stories. is the online home of KTAR news on 92.3 FM, the Voice of Arizona.

They said ‘I’m not playing, Doris, it is true – do you have your news on?’

Inside the few remaining opened cafes, men watched the news on television.

She has also broken news on the booming North American methamphetamine trade.

The 14-year-old’s story was posted by the Dallas Morning news on Tuesday evening.

Public officials and celebrities responded positively to the news on social media.

Twenty seven of them are due to appear on NBC news on Friday to tell their stories.

The site lets users play games, watch videos and keep up with news on the character.

Wesley Hall, the leader of Manchester Angels, announced the news on a Facebook post.

Latest China News from NBC news on the other hand, euro zone activity rose in August.

B.C. wildfire news: Get the latest news on wildfires in B.C. from our special webpage.

The couple brought their story to CBC news on the weekend, in the hope that might help.

We do what we can, but sometimes people hit us, Ross told CBC news on Saturday morning.

Reaction among the local residents approached by CBC news on Friday appears to be mixed.

I think that kind of behaviour should not be tolerated,” Watson told CBC news on Sunday.

You can also send us information and find more news on the CBC Saskatchewan Facebook page.

35635 A lot of people are scared,”” the official told NBC news on condition of anonymity.”

The spokesman for KLEA was not available to return messages from Eyewitness news on Monday.

The streaming service confirmed the news on Thursday, and released the first 20-second clip.

542279 O’Reilly has repeatedly defended his claims, including on Fox news on Sunday morning.

Visit for the latest news on the team and season ticket purchase.

Wilson told Metro news on Tuesday he was an active lawmaker who often met with local voters.

Several residents living in the lower south end described similar trends to CBC news on Friday.

Watch the stream here with us and check out all of the new and hot news on the Engadget homepage.

He has to make a really difficult decision, Clinton said in an interview with NBC news on Friday.

In an interview with Sky news on Wednesday, his mother said the family is “reeling” from the news.

Yeah, (I’m ) moving, Joe Sanchez told Eyewitness news on Tuesday, “the sign says you got to move.”

Copy this code to your website or blog Najib delivered the news on national television in Malaysia.

The full episode of Unreserved will air on Saturday after the 5 p.m. news on CBC Manitoba Radio One.

The city was featured on the news on TV and his mother made him promise that he would never go there.

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315836 I am not really sure that I will be able to share sensational news on Monday,”” Schäuble said.”