nowadays in a sentence

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Too many people nowadays glue themselves to their home computers for hours on end.

goal Croatian families have less money nowadays, and must carefully prioritize their spending.

When I was a teenager, long hair was fashionable, but nowadays short hair is more popular.

The Internet has become an integral part of many companies’ advertising campaigns nowadays.

nowadays, it is hard to earn a decent living unless both partners in a marriage are working.

Yorkville used to be a working class neighborhood, but nowadays it is a trendy shopping area.

Fantasy video games featuring wizards and warriors with magical powers are quite popular nowadays.

There are a lot more people begging on the streets of this city nowadays than when I was growing up.

Music cassettes are considered antiquated nowadays.

Some stores don’t even sell them anymore.

nowadays, it seems there are fewer people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country.

They were only marginally successful in their first few years, but nowadays business is really booming.

nowadays, a lot of people pirate software by downloading it from other computer users over the Internet.

nowadays companies seem to be promoting their brands as saleable items even more than the actual products.

Many artists nowadays post their portfolios on their personal websites in order to reach a wider audience.

nowadays, many cars have sensors to gauge such things as temperature, speed, fuel level, and pressure.

gaze Long hair was in style when I was young, but nowadays most teenage boys like to have their hair fairly short.