reactionary in sentence

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A conservative is not always a reactionary.

Terrorism, as expressed by Foley’s executioner, is reactionary and backward looking.

The problem is we’re being totally reactionary as opposed to proactive,”” said Williams, D-Stillwater.”

He also saw the police beating up a ” reactionary “.

In the case of Northwestern, the school has has been reactionary, emotional and undignified.

The ball is not moving, it’s not a reactionary sport.

The commission described the movie as illegal, dishonest and reactionary.

The hyperactivity and reactionary commentary that surrounds school closings on social media and elsewhere.

Modernization In late Qing China girls’ schools were supported by reformers and the reactionary government alike.

He was never a reactionary person and I’m sure he wasn’t on Saturday night.”

It means that you’re reactionary, and I am very far away from that.

1918 Bolshevik propaganda poster depicting Trotsky as St. George slaying the reactionary dragon.

Australian rockers were typically working class and fairly reactionary.

Both by nature and training he was conservative, but not reactionary; his mind was open as well as active.

But in 1980 UCCRI(ML) came out with an appeal to “defeat pro-super power reactionary forces in elections”.

Campus culture has always been more pragmatic and inclusive instead of reactionary.

From 1814 until the death of Pope Gregory XVI in 1846, the Popes followed a harshly reactionary policy in the Papal States.

He called the leaders of the rebellion “the agents of West Germany and fascist reactionary rabble.”

He maintains that an abolitionist/vegan movement is truly radical and that violence is reactionary.

In the meantime, the government has made some reactionary moves in terms of Internet freedoms.