republican in a sentence

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republican convention, which met in Philadelphia on June 19-21, renominated William McKinley by acclamation .

The newspaper declared for the republican candidate.

Do you think the Democratic Party will get the better of the republican Party?

The republican candidate is leading in the polls with the election only a few days away.

In the next election, the Democratic Party is expected to get the better of the republican Party.

In March of 1966, the Nelson Column in Dublin was destroyed in an Irish republican Army bomb explosion.

The republican candidate has opposed all measures to toughen environmental protection laws in our state for the last 2 years.

In July 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the Irish republican Army’s decision to disarm a step of unparalleled magnitude.

The British government outlawed the Irish republican Army in 1974, three days after a bomb exploded in a Birmingham pub, killing 21 people.

republican John Boehner of Ohio was re-elected speaker of the House.

She joins a growing number of republican candidates, including Sens.

273024 He just told me he supports republican candidate John McCain.

2016 republican presidential candidates quickly denounced the ruling.

And she beats potential republican nominees in most match-up surveys.

Surprisingly, the republican candidates had little to say about this.

As the republican field keeps shifting, Democrats are left wondering.

The republican presidential fronrtunner backpedaled Thursday morning.

720282 The first republican primary debate is scheduled for Thursday.

He lost to republican Jack Williams in 1970 by 1.5 percentage points.

TRUMP: He doesn’t think he’d be excluded from the republican debates.

Only one republican had been elected governor in Kentucky since 1971.

Tip O’Neill did that with republican measures even if he opposed them.

It was just before the republican National Convention in nearby Tampa.

Democrats are challenging plans drawn by a republican-led legislature.

673392 That was on Wednesday, the day of the second republican debate.

Take the republican National Committee’s statement on the anniversary.

And why is he leading the field of republican presidential candidates?

Graham is the ninth republican to join the race for president in 2016.

Hutchinson, a republican, has said he plans to sign the bill into law.

35475 A lot of Catholics are not republican and support British rule.”

Just look at the people seeking the republican presidential nomination.

If they both choose to run, it’s a good thing for the republican Party.

Obama offered praise for 2016 republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.

Young says Trump, a republican, didn’t have permission to use the music.

The poll also says he is the republican best positioned to beat Clinton.

She is also the first republican elected to the Senate in over 55 years.

So long, jackass, said 2008 republican presidential nominee John McCain.

And his clients include well known, conservative republican politicians.

For republican John McCain, the figure was $42.2 million, or 21 percent.

Not unlike Capitol Hill, republican lawmakers compete against Democrats.

No republican in either the House or Senate has backed the nuclear deal.

Irish republican Army The IRA is the chief republican paramilitary group.

McCarthy, a California republican, is a top candidate to succeed Boehner.

49536 And it has her behind the republican candidates by double digits (!

republican opponents of the amendment argued they do not condone torture.

republican leaders in both the House and Senate have panned the proposal.

There is no guarantee a republican president, in particular, would do so.

It is one of nine debates sanctioned by the republican National Committee.

Crist used to be a republican, but he joined the Democratic Party in 2012.

But if you’re a conservative republican, what did he say that excited you?

The comics took a jab at the republican debates during their time onstage.

Walker is expected to run as a republican candidate for president in 2016.

Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken plans to run on the republican ticket.

republican White House contender Donald Trump has labeled it a “disaster.”

The republican Party has for over a century operated with a Brahmin class.

Needless to say, a republican administration won’t need that olive branch.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” – republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz; Reps.

Actually, the only republican out there who might not vote for me is Carly.

Some of this is just common sense, said Sen. Paul Schumacher, a republican.

There is fierce opposition to lifting the embargo from republican lawmakers.

However, not everyone in the republican Party is happy with the legislation.

But the plans are unlikely to make it past a republican-controlled Congress.

All of the other republican contenders are polling in the low single-digits.

In fact, Bush comes in far down the list of republican presidential hopefuls.

What has prompted the growing support for free trade in the republican Party?

Randy Falco, the president and chief executive of Univision, is a republican.

republican Party Ken Walsh covers the White House and politics for U.S. News.

Ayotte is a republican leader in calling for the development of clean energy.

President Ronald Reagan addresses the republican National Convention in 1984.

In NBC’s First Read: Here’s what’s changed since the first republican debate.

A republican congresswoman alleged that Democrats must “enjoy spending money.”

Many potential republican candidates are or have also switched their position.

Trump also hit one republican primary challenger, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

She’s from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and identifies as a conservative republican.

He said there are several republican presidential candidates he could support.

The views he represents are a tiny, tiny minority within the republican Party.

The republican Party leaders are usually stupid enough to follow their advice.

The republican Party, by contrast, is hosting 12 presidential primary debates.

More Perspectives Paul Waldman Can the republican Party win back its own base?

LAWRENCE, Ind. — republican Steve Collier will be the next mayor of Lawrence.

I can drive right up the street and see them,” said Manning, 27, a republican.

Trump’s surge seen as summer squall, but will he rain on the republican Party?

The 18th District, which encompasses 19 counties, is predominantly republican.

Trump leads most polls in the race for the republican presidential nomination.

It’s a work in progress, House republican Trent Franks said of TPA’s prospects.

Trump descends on the Iowa summer festival as the leading republican candidate.

On former Florida republican Gov. Jeb Bush: “I think he doesn’t know who he is.

15 photos: republican debates in Colorado Attendees listen to the first debate.

The new subject: Mitt Romney says Trump will not win the republican nomination.

Fiorina has a very tough mountain to climb in the republican nominating contest.

He served as a moderate republican in the Senate before losing his seat in 2006.

But with a republican controlled Congress, she conceded that is highly unlikely.

Let’s hope those who agree with him lose the debate within the republican Party.

His last name guarantees him the highest visibility of any republican candidate.

Rep. Paul Gosar, a Catholic republican from Arizona, plans to boycott the event.

From New Hampshire to Arizona, all but one of those 31 governors are republican.

769915 The previous republican high was 11 candidates in 2000 and again in 2012.

185806 Democratic and republican leaders are calling for the bust to be removed.

I read somewhere that liberal republican James Baker III has joined the network.

Get to know the newest republican presidential candidate and what he stands for.

783024 The republican is expected to announce May 5 he is running for president.

There were moments where he took direct aim at some republican policies, though.

They are not very vocal, but they form the bedrock base of the republican Party.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate republican, said the plan never made sense.

Duran, a republican, pleaded guilty to embezzlement and other charges on Friday.

If a republican had written what Bernie Sanders did, the press would be circling.

And AIPAC overreached when it tied itself to the republican Party, observers say.

He’s a heretic – one whose heterodoxy comes from deep inside the republican fold.

Miller was a Middle East negotiator in Democratic and republican administrations.

However, the plans are unlikely to make it past a republican-controlled Congress.

Read More Still, Carson is republican voters’ preference there, with 25% support.

287798 He’s not a real republican,”” said Tarya O’Neill from Madison, Wisconsin.”

Trump, the republican frontrunner, said in a separate interview on the same show.

Slapping Obamacare has become a rite of passage for freshmen republican lawmakers.

“It’s hard to handicap at this point,” the Centre County republican said Thursday.

777190 There are the establishment, center-right elements of the republican Party.

The Great republican Revolt This article was originally published on The Atlantic.

He says, “I’m not betting on the republican party rallying behind this agreement.”

The republican-controlled Congress must make tough decisions in the coming months.

I’m going to be a republican, I’m not going to be doing a third party, Trump said.

Many of the 47 republican senators who’d signed the letter defended it on Tuesday.

Some things to know about opinions on the republican field from the AP-GfK survey.

Or a foe of Jeb Bush, the kind of establishment republican the WSJ actually likes?

Every republican voted against it, with the exception of Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.