steer clear of in a sentence

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Any self respecting young woman, or man, no matter what race would do well to steer clear of these idiotic clubs.

Buy native flowers, plant them and don’t use any chemicals, steer clear of bug killer.

Commission chairman, Sir David Simmons, has ordered that attorneys steer clear of matters relating to Reverend Miller.

From home, Brat has done several media interviews by phone but has mostly tried to steer clear of policy issues.

Harper has said he will steer clear of Putin altogether.

Here are some phrases to steer clear of: In the aftermath of a break-up..

Michael Brown Sr., the teen’s father, also renewed calls for people to steer clear of violence.

steer clear of this and its only slightly better cousin, “Where are you from?”

steer clear of toxic relationships, and know the difference.

Tz says: Funny… cuz I steer clear of the whites after dark… drugged up and trashed like Ford.

You might want to steer clear of Angelo’s of Mulberry Street.

But many Republican candidates tried to steer clear of the race issue altogether.

Here are 10 trends they think homeowners should steer clear of in 2015.

SPIEGEL: There’s one issue in the book that you seem to steer clear of.

We’re trying to steer clear of that, Morrisey told the Southeast Missourian last week.