sunken in a sentence

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The ship was wrecked on a sunken reef.

A diving team is trying to salvage some of the cargo on the sunken ship.

Divers have recovered over a million dollars worth of treasure from a sunken Spanish ship.

The divers were able to salvage millions of dollars of fine champagne from the sunken vessel.

Two divers were killed when the sunken ship they were working in turned over during the salvage operation.

The Russian government has released a statement saying that they will try to salvage equipment and weaponry which was aboard the sunken submarine.

An American recreational diver has become a millionaire after salvaging over 3 million dollars worth of gold and silver from a sunken Spanish ship he discovered off the coast of Bermuda.

One maritime lawyer said the move was “highly insensitive to the families” of the sunken ship’s crew.

She also conducted salvage and wreckage clearance operations on a sunken Italian destroyer and towed HMS “Thruster” off a nearby beach where she had gone aground .

The oval face was white and pinched, a nasty swollen bruise marring the high, smooth forehead, the beautiful mouth was pale and the almond eyes looked dull and sunken.