underdog in a sentence

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The priest seems to make it a practice to climb on the underdog‘s bandwagon and persuade the other side to compromise.

So, did the Bengals lose focus this week against the underdog Texans?

“It feels good to be known as an underdog and going for a state championship.

428426 I’ve always been passionate about the concept of helping the underdog.”

As for Beijing, it knows that it would be the underdog in a conflict with the US.

“Before the game, everyone said we are underdogs,” Russian coach Valeri Bragin said.

The cynic will say that Microsoft is doing this because it’s an underdog at the moment.

255447 Group E looks set to be a thriller, while Group F sees underdogs face superstars.

We are the underdogs and we need to play a lot better to go toe-to-toe with the All Blacks.

A career in cars – Ferdinand Piëch 26.04.2015 The power struggle’s over – the underdog won.

He and his other underdog rivals, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, will want to emulate Carly Fiorina.

We’re the favourites, we’re the underdogs, once you get out on the pitch you start on an even keel.

Yo, through 40 years of Rocky as an underdog, champion, and aging, widowed fighter, fans sure do care.