unresolved in a sentence

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A lot of times when we come out of the military we already have a lot of PTSD, a lot of unresolved issues.

She set Oct. 20 as a hearing date for numerous unresolved legal issues in the case.

There are some unresolved issues in Broken Promise.

They lost 8 percent of the cases and the remaining 40 percent are unresolved.

They have unresolved grief, he said.”

To leave the question unresolved nationwide would simply inflict unnecessary harm,”” PFLAG attorneys argued.”

A number of questions remain unresolved about the case.

Also, Hayley gradually realizes she has her own unresolved issues from the fires and uses horse therapy on herself.

Amazon and Hachette have been engaged in a lengthy public standoff over ebook terms that remains unresolved.

And some Democrats would prefer to use the unresolved issue to mobilize Hispanic voters for this year’s elections.

And then there is the unresolved issue of compensation.

As of November 2006 the dispute remains unresolved.

Broader issues remain unresolved, much as they have since Obama first called on Aug. 18, 2011, for Assad to resign.

But key disputes remain unresolved and the government has not begun working.

But there are still several unresolved questions — such as, where will the Yazidis be flown to?

But there’s one unresolved issue to address.

But, simple solution or not, the name issue is still unresolved.

Consumers who have unresolved discrepancies over their incomes will get notices at a later date.

Crawford says the dispute remains unresolved and the lobby group intends to take the matter to a higher court.

Expert Joerg Forbrig tells DW that Kyiv now faces an unresolved, frozen conflict in its eastern region.

He declined further comment, citing the unresolved case.

Here are five key issues that remain unresolved: 1) Was the rescue bungled?

Mostly, there was skepticism about the intelligence-explosion idea, which assumed answers to many unresolved questions.

Seishiro leaves, and the fight is unresolved.

Sixteen per cent of the complaints were still unresolved at the end of 2013-2014 and 17 per cent went to arbitration.

Slovenia has said it is avoiding contested border areas unresolved from the 1990s breakup of Yugoslavia.

Some issues still remain unresolved and until they are solved, we cannot say an agreement has been reached.”

The divisions between the Shia majority and the ruling Sunni elite remain as sharp and unresolved as ever, he adds.

The draft released Wednesday left major issues unresolved.

The goal is to help them start to deal with the unresolved grief, loss, and to deal with PTSD.

The issues separating the parties remain unresolved at this time, he added, saying new talks would be held Friday.

The Lubicon Lake Nation is home to the longest unresolved land claim in Canadian history.

The question was left unresolved when court adjourned for the day.

They deadlocked on whether committees could use bitcoins to make purchases, leaving that issue unresolved.

Those legal processes are what will give the deal teeth, and leaving them unresolved could weaken the deal.

unresolved grief can cause people to go through life severely wounded, she said.

Usually it is about some unresolved family matter.

We still have significant unresolved issues.’

Which unresolved conflicts is IS exploiting?

Yet for many, holidays bring to mind unresolved conflicts and hurt relationships, whether with lovers or family members.

Allen, p. 379 Also, the pre-production cuts left subplots that were introduced in Act I unresolved.

There are still many unresolved challenges in the home services space.”

11. “unresolved Conflicts:” Indigo’s family appears to be self-destructing.

Allen, p. 94. The Coens have noted their comfort with unresolved ambiguity.

Another issue for the Belarusian press is the unresolved disappearance of several journalists.

But Germany’s unresolved debate over coal could undermine her credibility.

But the main issue bringing the FIFA president to the region appeared to remain unresolved.

Doer initially disagreed, and the issue was unresolved for several months.

Dumig describes Sahra as someone living through an unresolved situation.

Fleetway did not produce any more, however, and the story, like almost every non-Sonic strip, remains unresolved.

Gambetta, Diego, “Primo Levi’s Last Moments”, (retrieved on 2008-04-30) The matter remains unresolved.

However, many of the issues of 1978 remained unresolved in this stretch of Crowchild.

In addition, various plot points were left dangling and unresolved by Claremont before his departure.

Investigation of the State Department and other cases was stymied and the matter left unresolved.

Many problems such as new schools and amenities to accommodate the new homes seem to be still unresolved.

Not only does he have a drug problem, some serious unresolved family drama haunts him.

Some of the quarrels that provoked the war went unresolved for a much longer time.

The detailed atomistic structure of a crack tip is unresolved at present.

The film also changed the novella’s unresolved, open ending to a more conventional “Hollywood” romantic happy ending.

The issue, not identified in the redaction, was left unresolved overnight.

The only major decision that was still unresolved was the location of the tag on the rail car.

The Plame Affair caused a national scandal which is still unresolved.

The precise responsibility for the funding of the new palace has always been a debatable subject, unresolved to this day.

The question of who fired first remained unresolved years after the massacre.

The relationships of the nematodes and their close relatives among the protostomian Metazoa are unresolved.

There are, however, many unresolved questions about this era.

These arrests are considered as part of conclusions to a 16 year old unresolved case.

They left in 1167 because of unresolved land disputes with Lady Margrethe.

This duel left an unresolved grudge between the two of them.

This sequel picks up right where the original left off, with Scrooge trying to right an unresolved wrong.