vigilance in a sentence

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Success in life lies in diligence and vigilance.

Maelzer, now a global macro strategist for research firm Macrovigilance.

Heightened vigilance is being maintained throughout the country, the WHO said.

263346 Health workers say vigilance is needed if the outbreak is to be eliminated.

It was a lack of vigilance from the government, a sloppiness, the news agency wrote.

Initially, Facebook was the network of choice, until the company improved its vigilance.

For any means of transportation, vigilance and preparation are key to safe holiday travel.

President Ernest Koroma was optimistic but urged continued vigilance against the deadly virus.

Symptoms include recurrent dreams or flashbacks, changes in mood, avoidance and hypervigilance.

The only way to combat relentless intrusions of dishonest people is through vigilance, Stewart said.

In a separate statement, the CCDI called on the country’s regulatory commission to maintain vigilance.

Until then only vigilance and informing others will help all of us to keep ahead .