worthy in a sentence

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The John Wayne Collectibles site was created by Imagine Something worthy LLC.

Armsworthy thinks the statue would be a fitting tribute to Canada’s veterans.

DPD would not confirm if they knew whether worthy attended her scheduled date.

But you know, he’ll be fighting to grab the ball in a situation that’s worthy.

This is particularly noteworthy given the depth of the current field, he wrote.

That we’re unworthy, shameful and unlovable, and should be punished for our err.

The more photos you take, the more likely one of them is going to be tweetworthy.

I just couldn’t handle that sort of attention — maybe I felt unworthy, who knew?

924778 “What is it about Beyoncé that makes people think she’s not worthy of study?

They’re also passed around by word of mouth, often by seemingly trustworthy sources.

The girl is a refugee from Syria who has just arrived from a not-so-seaworthy vessel.

Click through the gallery for other noteworthy quotes from the Grammy-winning singer.

AK “is not trustworthy” in handling finances, allowances and prize money, Kipsang said.

The middle son, played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, would become a swoon-worthy favorite.

Its companion, the Quick Access Toolbar, is equally noteworthy and arguably more useful.

Yet, the first year of its four-year mandate has passed without any noteworthy progress.

Then people would no longer have a reason to board unseaworthy vessels, floating wrecks.

While the study and its conclusions are fraught, it raises issues worthy of exploration.

The alleged police brutality in this case cannot and will not be tolerated, worthy said.

779860 “There is almost general agreement that this is a worthy goal,” Ms. Greenlee said.

As an increasingly worthy dining destination, this is a glaring hole in the city’s resume.

Her previous works for worthy include the peacock at the Davenport Hotel’s Peacock Lounge.

Safari Safari doesn’t have a huge changelog, but the few tweaks are definitely noteworthy.

An option might be to auction it off as a fundraiser for some worthy cause, Zorn suggested.

Leah Feliz Worrell 5pts That’s funnier that this is what they found to be news worthy lmao.