according in a sentence

They sat according to age.

According to him, she is honest.

He came according to his promise.

They acted according to my advice.

We study according to the schedule.

He is not coming, according to her.

Rank boys according to their height.

According to the report, he is alive.

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Cut your coat according to your cloth.

Work is proceeding according to plan .

According to his advice, I decided it.

According to Mick, it’s a great movie.

You must work according to your ability.

Do everything according to the cookbook.

According to informed sources, ____ Ltd.

He grouped students according to ability.

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Pencils are graded according to softness.

According to the map we should turn left.

Everything is going according to schedule.

They graded apples according to their size.

Set up planing according to sales forecast.

I will do it according to your instructions.

Cost is apportion according to plan revenue.

According to canon law, that should be done.

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Prices change according to supply and demand.

The funeral will be held according to church.

Everything went sweetly and according to plan.

I’m overweight by 2 kg according to my doctor.

Neurological, according to a Western diplomat.

Prices vary according to the quantity ordered.

Sign out narcotics according to agency policy.

The trains run according to the 24 hour clock.

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According to the paper, it will snow tomorrow.

according to my watch, it is already 2 o’clock.

Fill up the form according to the instructions.

According to what I heard, they have broken up.

According to my watch, it is already 2 o’clock.

According to to deal with the waster and scrap.

Everything works according to cause and effect .

moskbneaCut one’s coat according to one’s cloth.

_ad5_The timber is graded according to its thickness.

Matter changes its form according to temperature.

Cost is apportioned according to project revenue.

The collar was cut away according to the fashion.

The eggs were graded according to weight and size.

Books must be kept according to a prescribed form.

Potatoes are graded according to size and quality.

We should measure out rewards according to merits.

_ad6_According to the newspaper, he will be here today.

According to him, I was the canker in their midst.

According to John you were in Edinburgh last week.

Make payment according to company financial policy.

Vegetable prices fluctuate according to the season.

According to the newspapers, he will be here today.

According to our teacher, she entered the hospital.

According to their opinions, that boy is very good.

_ad7_According to Ken Harris, she has a cast-iron alibi.

According to Muslim theology there is only one God.

According to the map we missed our turn back there.

Philip stayed at the hotel, according to Mr Hemming.

According to ancient legend, the river is a goddess.

According to the forecast it will be sunny tomorrow.

The amount paid will vary according to circumstances.

You won’t make mistake according to the instructions.

_ad8_According to the Bible, God created man in his image.

Bremner bought a signed Celtic jersey according to Ed.

Cook the rice according to instructions on the packet.

Paul Dombey a pilgrim to, according to Doctor Blimber.

The delegates have to be seated according to protocol.

The price ceilings were rejigged according to quality.

We must cut our coat according to our cloth this year.

You’ve been absent six times according to our records.

_ad9_According to the weather report, it will snow tonight.

He organizes his life according to the racing calendar.

Not according to a 1989 federal appeals court decision.

The children were ranked according to academic ability.

Tomorrow is going to be fine according to the forecast.

According to the paper, there was a big fire in Boston.

According to the papers, the man has finally confessed.

According to the Bible, God made the world in six days.

_ad10_According to the forecast, it should brighten up later.

You should deal with matters according to the situation.

Is it difficult to act according to Buddhist principles?

At this stage everything is going according to schedule.

Use 3 rope clip to fix wire rope according to diagram 1.

We ranged steel pipes according to thickness and length.

According to the newspaper, he participated in the plot.

According to the paper, there was an earthquake in Peru.

_ad11_According to the weather reports, it will snow tomorrow.

According to the weather report a rainstorm is imminent.

You’ve been in prison six times according to our records.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.

According to local lore, a ghost still haunts the castle.

According to Mattel, antitrust issues were a red herring.

According to one survey, one woman in eight is infertile.

According to the Bible, man was made in the image of God.

_ad12_Punishment varies according to the gravity of the offence.

According to the papers, there was a big fire in the town.

According to the paper, there was an earthquake in Mexico.