cut out in a sentence

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He’s not cut out for teaching.

You had better cut out the fat.

She isn’t cut out for teaching.

I am not cut out to be a politician.

One of the aircraft’s engines cut out.

They cut out a path through the jungle.

He seems not to be cut out for teaching.

They cut out a path through thick jungle.

You aren’t cut out for the military because of its rigid discipline.

Alfred Hitchcock said that drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

They had to cut out some of the sex scenes before the film could be shown on television.


Draw a boomerang shape on the card with a pen.

cut out the boomerang you’ve drawn.

In the time of the Aztecs, priests performed a ritual in which the heart was cut out of a living sacrifice.

I’m not cut out for gambling.

Maybe I’m just unlucky, but working for my pay is more of a sure thing.

The version of the movie they showed on television is quite tame.

They cut out all the sex and stuff.

My grandfather was quite a learned man for his time and place but he just wasn’t cut out to be a businessman.

He was a very tough opponent, so I had my work cut out for me today.”

Those who attempt to arrest Mark Loescher have their work cut out for them.

While he can cut out the ugly details of the past, she doesn’t feel she can.

But the passage of time means investigators have their work cut out for them.

841339 This could lead militaries to cut out private defence companies altogether.

Early reflections have been cut out: you can hear voices but not what they’re saying.”

On Wednesday, a screen was discovered cut out of a cabin and a window was broken into.

He warned that his players had their work cut out and the coach should be on his mettle.

However, OPEC’s reluctance to cut output has also been seen as a key reason behind the fall.

If that’s not doable, cut out two cigarettes a day and you’ll save $20 in two weeks instead.

556620 People start thinking they’re just not cut out for this work after all,”” says Maslach.”

But, in the final on Sunday against Australia, New Zealand will have their work cut out for them.

Putin’s got his work cut out for him, though, and the odds are stacked against the Russian leader.

Pasco Sheriff’s Office Those who attempt to arrest Mark Loescher have their work cut out for them.

His campaign is eager to build on that momentum, but they admit they have their work cut out for them.

However, some people are just not cut out for living with dust, disruption, and a little bit of chaos.

884059 Use the edge of an egg carton to cut out the shape of the hen before you paint and decorate it!