deep sea example sentences

It is your shadow in the deep sea.

She went on her first deep sea dive today, and was quite thrilled about it.

Visiting the wreck of the Titanic on the ocean floor is the ultimate deep sea diving adventure.

One Norse legend talks of the Kraken, a deep sea creature that was the curse of fishermen.

“It’s low in light, energy, and it takes forever for these deep sea creatures to grow and mature.

They are deep sea fishes, bottom dwellers, up to 37 cm long.

MOREP principles and charts push the public opinion to support that deep sea ecosystem is the property of mankind environment independent of any state jurisdiction.

Newlyn harbour is the largest deep sea fishing port in England in terms of the value of fish landed (turnover >£18 million 2004) and contributes 2% of the region’s GDP.

In 1989, 1,705 total vessels, including 468 deep sea vessels, with 11,332,000 tonnes of cargo move through the port.

The species was described by Franz Eilhard Schulze in 1904 from specimens collected by the German Deep Sea Expedition in 1898-1899.

76 “Dolphin” ”Dolphin 20 March, 2000 Maisy’s going deep sea diving today, and Dolphin is there to guide her through the underwater world.

Belugas spend summer in the coastal area and Mackenzie River delta, which are free of ice then, and in winter migrate log distances to the polynyas of the deep sea.

Deep sea diving onto the wrecks is quite popular.

As a boy, he worked in the deep sea fishing industry.

A fine point must be discussed here in that the lower Fraser is navigable by deep sea shipping.

C. H. Townsend & J. T. Nichols: Deep sea fishes of the ‘Albatross’ Lower California Expedition.

Yasuko sings with her “real” voice in the chorus of “If it is the Deep Sea, I Can See You There”.

Munidopsis andamanica is a species of squat lobster that lives in the deep sea and eats dead wood.

Deep Sea Adventure is also home to the mall’s aquatic life, most of which are housed beneath the main floor in the “Sea Life Caverns”.

Monognathus, or Onejaws, is the only genus of the family Monognathidae of deep sea eel -like fishes.

Brunei’s proven oil and gas reserves are sufficient until at least 2015, and planned deep sea exploration is expected to find significant new reserves.

Over land and sea the excursions are always associated with nature, and there are various types of water sports, walks, trips on horseback, surfing and deep sea diving.

At some point, he held in his hand a Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm with a $5.99 price tag on it, as Hodinkee reports.
A museum exhibition in Singapore curated by wildlife film director Claire Nouvian features stunning photos and specimens of deep sea creatures from waters around Asia.