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The defendant was sentenced to death.

The decision was in favor of the defendant.

The defendant will appeal to a higher court.

The presiding judge sentenced the defendant to death.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder.

The defendant has chosen to be judged by a jury of his peers.

The defendant appealed against the sentence without hesitation.

The prosecution condemned the defendant for kidnapping a child.

The defendant was released on bail after undergoing questioning.

The defendant’s lawyer announced that they would lodge an appeal.

The defendant broke down and cried when the verdict was read out.

The innocence of the defendant was firmly established by his lawyer.

It is said that a defendant who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

The defendant’s testimony has been inconsistent and has raised a lot of doubts.

textAccording to a Hebrew proverb, admission by the defendant is worth a hundred witnesses.

The defendant was about stand trial when he grabbed the deputy’s gun and shot the judge.

After conferring with his lawyer, the defendant decided to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

The judge noted the viciousness of the attack, and gave the defendant the maximum sentence.

The case against the defendant has been bolstered by the discovery of important new evidence.

The defendant’s previous record is certainly pertinent to his sentencing for this latest crime.

The lawyer for the defendant claimed the police falsified evidence to secure a quick conviction.

In order to convict the defendant, you must be certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he is guilty.

His ability to make a fair judgment is impaired by his close personal relationship with the defendant.

There is a Hebrew proverb which observes that admission by the defendant is worth a hundred witnesses.

The lawyer for the defendant claimed that due to a number of procedural errors, the case should be dismissed.

The witness testified that he saw the defendant hit the victim repeatedly over the head with a piece of wood.

The defendant was reported to have been acting suspiciously on the night the victim was found murdered in his bed.

The complainant in the case accused the defendant of cheating her out of her life savings in a phoney investment scheme.

The prosecutor presented evidence to the court showing that the defendant had threatened to kill the victim the night of the murder.

Witnesses for the prosecution testified they heard a terrible argument between the defendant and the victim on the night of the murder.

Criminology professor Donald Cressey once observed that you cannot bring in a verdict that the defendant is a little bit guilty.

verifyThe defendant’s lawyer was afraid that widespread newspaper coverage of the murder would be prejudicial to his client’s getting a fair trial.

The atmosphere outside the courtroom where the victim’s parents confronted the defendant’s family was quite volatile but police were able to keep everything under control.

Thurgood Marshall once suggested that jurors who are opposed to capital punishment are more likely to believe that a defendant’s failure to testify is indicative of his guilt.

It’s very difficult for me to understand the defendant, Solomon said.

Oh, and forget the video, defendant has no obligation to review video.

The trial, expected to bring a verdict this week, has a sole defendant.

The defendant could have helped him but did not help him, Schatzow said.

Holmes is not the first high-profile defendant to let his emotions show.

Not once, she said, has she seen the defendant show signs of compassion.

The individual the defendant hired was actually an undercover FBI agent.

In November 2003, Gosnell was talking to a black defendant, whom he knew.

But the nine-year sentence was reduced because of the defendant’s old age.

The defendant called only one witness, a senior employee with Aviva Insurance.

Unanimous agreement is required under state law to sentence a defendant to death.

Her lawyer said on Thursday that they plan to serve the defendant “any time now.”

The state has to show the defendant is a danger to our community or a flight risk.

After all, a jury might be able to relate to what a defendant is accused of doing.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to possessing a huge amount of child pornography.

32995Allowing a defendant in an ongoing case to leave the country is extremely rare.

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