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Babies have the strongest sense of smell, enabling them to recognize their mothers by scent.

We just got a wireless connection, enabling us to use the Internet from any room in the house.

The twin attributes of language and culture have been crucial in enabling the human species to adapt to a wide range of conditions and environments.

Though human noses have an impressive 5 million olfactory cells with which to smell, sheepdogs have 220 million, enabling them to smell 44 times better than man.

In biology, the wings of an insect and a bird are considered analogous in that they developed independently as adaptations to the common function of enabling flight.

analysisEnabling legislation is also expected to be tabled in the near future.

Enabling that will be the next order of business by the Richard Wagner Archive.

The enabling environment for tax dodging impacts on national tax systems across Africa.

The device is a laptop with a detachable screen, enabling it to also function as a tablet.

“This acquisition is aimed at enabling Verizon to maximize its revenues from mobile video.”

156200Changes to the Enabling Act that granted the land to Arizona also could be required.

They can be stacked and hold together, enabling carvers to create much larger finished pieces.

The initiative is aimed at the BYOD crowd, enabling work profiles for smartphones and tablets.

For IBM, the win is enabling transformation on the backend with its mobile and analytics stack.

It has won his heart – for now – chiefly enabling him to operate an “empty email inbox policy”.

Barca has inserted a buy-back clause in the deal enabling it to bring Traore back to the Camp Nou.

AvePoint is the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices.

Throughout the years , though, some well-advised appointments were made, enabling the Senate to fulfill a useful role.

Agro-industrial development in Jericho, enabling the region to be a major agricultural source for the Middle East.

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