gang in a sentence

The police were able to extract enough information from one of the boys arrested to formally charge the leader of the gang.

Gang violence is increasingly common, with kids attacking someone simply because he is wearing the colors of their rivals.

The rash of gang murders has prompted police to increase their patrols of the area where the killings have occurred.

In 1882, after more than 15 years of robbing banks, outlaw Jesse James was shot in the back by one of his own gang.

Rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in Los Angeles in September of 1996 by a member of a gang known as the Cripps.

Police believe that the rash of car thefts lately has been caused by a gang of youths living in the area.

The undercover policeman was able to enter the motorcycle gang‘s clubhouse disguised as a drug dealer.

Geoff is certain to attend the party.

He never misses a chance to drink beer with the gang.

One of the suspects in the gang murder is a juvenile, so he cannot be identified in the media.

There was a big gang of kids outside the convenience store, skateboarding in the parking lot.

A young black youth is in hospital after being attacked by a gang of racist skinheads.

Discussion question: What can the government do to deal with gang violence in this country? The gang leader made all the members toe the line, keeping control through fear.

An anonymous caller phoned police to report the murder of a local gang leader.

A gang of youths beat an old man almost to death in a local park last weekend.

The gang members killed a man who was accused of betraying them to the police.

1963, a gang of 15 thieves stole £2,631,784 in Britain’s Great Train Robbery.

There has been a plague of gang-related murders in the city in recent months.

A young man is clinging to life after being beaten up by a gang of youths.

The young man cried for mercy, but the gang members laughed in his face.

gang Wives is a Yakuza movie released in by Toei Distribution Network.

We went to Boston with a gang of friends to see the Bruins hockey game.

Police say gang members here are seriously involved in the drug trade.

My son went to the party with a gang of friends from his hockey team.

I was beaten up by a gang of hoodlums on the way home from work.

Find someone who likes to hang out with a gang of friends.

gap He is not the rough motorcycle gang member he was before.

The gang knocked him down and robbed him of his watch.

He had a hard time to disengage himself from the gang.

The gang is known and feared for its cult of violence.

People are never so bold as when they are in a gang.

Find someone who has gambled in a casino.

gang A gang of thieves broke into the bank.

The gang was planning a robbery.