waterhole in a sentence

The gazelle sprang across the waterhole with a single fluid, graceful leap.

A couple of lions were silently stalking a small herd of zebras at the waterhole.

The bodies were dumped in the waterhole and later burnt by some accounts.

He is a serpent of immense proportions which inhabits deep permanent waterholes.

Hamadryas baboons will also dig drinking holes only a short distance from natural waterholes.

Meiners Oaks is in the heart of the Ojai Valley, very close to the Ventura River Bottom, where there are several hiking trails and waterholes.

Ooldea was an important camp during construction of the railway, as it is near a permanent waterhole, first discovered by Europeans when Ernest Giles used it in 1875.

Accommodation includes the Water Lodge, overlooking Lake Cariega, or Msenge Bush Lodge, looking out over a waterhole and mountain views.
As far back as 1898, a German explorer reached Nyungwe, following a stream through the dense forest, arriving to a single waterhole in a small marsh area.