encouraging in a sentence

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Learn how to use encouraging in a sentence – Example sentences:

Some were encouraging, but some were insisting the Abbess abandon the work.

The results of the tests are encouraging signs that his cancer may be beaten.

The preliminary results of our experiment look very encouraging, so we’re quite excited.

Our school gives priority to recognizing and encouraging the skills of each individual child.

The preliminary results of our experiment look very encouraging, so we’re quite confident now.

The city is trying to reduce the amount of garbage going to the municipal dump by encouraging recycling.

Today, the government of Mozambique is encouraging foreign investment in order to build a solid economic base for growth.

In an effort to combat unemployment, the government of Trinidad and Tobago is encouraging the development of new industries.

Two teenage boys were arrested and charged by police after encouraging an old man who wanted to commit suicide to jump off a bridge.

The outlook for our language programs here at the university is very encouraging, as we are getting known in a number of different countries.

Scientific tests in the laboratory have so far been encouraging, but it remains to be seen if they can be duplicated during actual treatment.

During wartime, governments put out a lot of propaganda aimed at encouraging hatred of the enemy, and complete trust in the government’s actions.

Since 1974, the World Health Organization has been encouraging developing countries to use traditional medicine instead of turning to expensive Western cures.

In today’s schools, where writing is used as a way of encouraging clear thinking, it seems that reading a variety of literary genres has a positive effect on writing.

The Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain has become an important financial center due to the government’s policy of encouraging the growth of offshore banking and other financial services.

“It’s about suicide – not something that you want to be encouraging.

“That’s sharing his faith and encouraging others to love one another.

I haven’t read any articles encouraging them to change this behavior.

Second, planets like Kepler 452 b offer obviously encouraging targets.

805353The study continues a string of encouraging news in Ebola research.

421606It was a note from a woman thanking him for his encouraging message.

He’s facing 103 counts of first-degree encouraging child sex abuse charges.

The Soviet Union accused the United States of encouraging Israeli aggression.

He embraced the gesture, encouraging followers to give him a ring via Twitter.

392199I think I hear Socrates encouraging us to go back to the drawing board.

Nevertheless to say, there is some encouraging news in the fight against cancer.

They are strongly encouraging everyone born during those times to get a booster.

Question of the day: Is encouraging school kids to play in the woods a good idea?

U.S. Envoy for Iraq: Tikrit victory ‘very encouraging’ Will Ukraine ceasefire hold?

Yen said that at the time, the policy was panned by critics for encouraging drug use.

Real nice, Arby’s the post says, before encouraging others to boycott the restaurant.

639761So that’s probably the most encouraging news we’ve had since it all started.”””

The Parrishes are part of a coalition of people encouraging the FDA to approve the drug.

A few have suggested tweaks: encouraging Bush get a new pair of eyeglasses, for example.

On China, Saperstein said there encouraging signs side-by-side deeply discouraging ones.

But that’s hardly encouraging for investors looking for a signal that the worst is over.

290320He took it as an encouraging sign that she had to reach back to a distant memory.

Walker says he’s encouraging other Republicans in the still sizable field to do the same.

It’s a real issue and as we’re encouraging more use, it’s going to become a bigger issue.

It’s a tactic that looks like causing much shaking of heads, and some encouraging cheers.

The fact that they are fast out of the gate with this refresh is a very encouraging sign.

So Sol and BTVI are encouraging you to visit the BTVI website and stay tuned to the radio.

The charges included assault, murder and encouraging others to participate in the assault.

Encouraging Faith, Inspiring Change, Sharing Life Giving homeless animals a second chance.

Investors cheered the latest crop of corporate earnings and encouraging labor market data.

The latest developments on the ground are definitely not encouraging, rather the opposite.”

389077It does take time, but the progress we’ve seen so far is just really encouraging.”””

Says Feinstein: “I’m all for freedom of speech, but it doesn’t mean encouraging terrorism.”

That said, Premier Li’s participation in the WeBank opening seems like an encouraging sign.

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